Friday, March 16, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-No.5 Russ Keech

Just noticed on your blog that you have changed the numbered atlete process, so i just thought i would let you know what being a numered athlete means to me and also what CFP means to me.
Although i dont train at CFP anymore, i still wear my numer 5 with pride and still consider myself part of the CrossFit Penrith family.
When the numbered athlete system was introduced and i was issued with the number 5, i was blown away. I dont think i ever expressed how much i appreciated it, but it was one of the nicest gestures that anyone had given me. It was a sign to me that this CrossFit thing was more than a just a way of training, but i was now part of a close knit team.
When we decided to open Blacktown, it was bitter sweet. Here was a big opportunity to take the next step in my career but i really didnt want to leave the CFP family. However i came to realise that the team values and group dynamics that CFP instilled in me, was now about to be passed onto another group of people in Blacktown. So thats what we did, and still do today.
Having your own affiliate is hard sometimes as you probably know, and there have been times where i have wanted to shut up shop and come back to CFP, but one thing that i learnt from those early day at CFP was to never give up. 2 words in the CrossFIt Penrith motto are Courage and Pride, so i remind myself of that when times are tough. Our group dynamics at CFB are very similar to those that i experienced at CFP in the early days, which is a credit to you guys.
So what does numbered athlete mean to me? It means having the Courage to be who ever you want to be, the Ferocity to never let any obstacle stop you from doing what you want, and the Pride in what ever you do in life. I will take the number 5 with me to the grave, thats how much it means to me.