Friday, March 23, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-No.6 Jody Gall

What being a numbered athlete means to me.

 When I walk into CFP and look at the names on the numbered athlete board I reflect on what each of my team mates contribute to CFP and what I contribute. As being a numbered athlete to me is a long term commitment to making the team at CFP stronger. Not 1 of us contribute everything we need to maintain a strong team, it is all of us. So I value my number and I value my contribution at CFP

No.6 Jody Gall
Age: 38
Height: 6'3
Weight: 95kg
Started CrossFit: Late at night in my pyjamas at home
Occupation: Coach

Angie: 29.23
Amanda: 14:56
Annie: 6.12
Cindy: 13 + 5
Diane: 6:09
Elizabeth: 12.07
Eva: 50.22
Fran: 4:41
Helen: 8:59
Isabel: 12:20
Karen: 9.00
Jackie: 8:09
Kelly: 30:53
Lynne: 10 + 73
Nancy: 16.09
30 M/U: 18.13

Deadlifts: 201kg
Squat Clean: 117.5kg
Hang Power Clean: 115kg
Clean and Jerk: 102.5kg
Jerk: 102.5kg
OverHead Squat: 100kg
Snatch Balance: 80kg
Squat Snatch: 87.5kg
Muscle Snatch: 52.5kg
Strict Press: 60kg
Push Press: 85kg
Back Squat: 157.5kg
Front Squat: 126kg

Max Pull Ups: 28
Max Muscle Ups:5
Max HSPU:21

Favourite WODS
I love workouts with High Skill Movements
Least Favourite WODS
Long Amraps. Thrusters & Pullups
Fun Fact:
I Live my life in themes


  1. Wow, this is going to be a tough comment for me to write because it will be very hard for me to find the words to adequately express the respect and gratitude that I have for Jody.

    I will be forever in Jody's debt, for so many reasons. I have been training with him since February 2005.

    On a physical level, Jody's guidance has led me to incredible achievements that I never thought possible: going from size 14 to size 6, completing a half marathon and running all the way, completing triathlons, being fitter than I've ever been before in my life. And of course, he led me to CrossFit, where my physical achievements just keep continuing.

    At a psychological level, Jody has always had complete faith in my abilities - he has way more confidence in me than I do! And that always makes me think: "well, if Jody says I can do this, then maybe I can!"... so I'm inspired to give it my best because I don't want to let him down. Jody has given me so much self belief.

    And on a personal level, I simply can't possibly express how deeply touched I am by the way Jody has honoured the memory of my late husband Steve with the 'Steve Taylor Stair Challenge' at Knapsack.

    I think this photo literally "paints a thousand words" about Jody as an athlete, how he always gives absolutely everything he's got. I find that very inspirational. I love this pic, and am very proud that I took this photo!

    The fact that I, and so many others, repeatedly, loudly and publicly proclaim our love for CF and the CFP family is a testament to Jody as a person and the way he, in partnership with Glenn, has been able to develop and foster this extraordinary community, spirit and home that is CFP. I just love CF & CFP!!!

    So THANK YOU Jody for everything. You have changed my life.

  2. I agree with everything purrjjo said :)

    Mr Hide :)
    U are an awesome athlete and a great friend :)
    One of my favorite moments competing with you was at regionals during the sand bag run!!
    We knew it was gunna be tough but we just pushed through but when I loaded the bag on ur back when it was ur turn to run u put everything in until u even got painful cramps lol. It made me realize how bad u wanted to work even though u had cramps in ur legs lol.
    That shows me that ur a true athlete
    I LOVE CFP and crossfit

  3. And Most importantly I am proud and honoured to compete alongside u Jody :)
    As well as every other crossfitter!!!

  4. I have known Jody for many years but only in the last 12months I have got to know him well and on a friendship level too. Jody you are a true Professional in ever sense of the word, you are always there to help and offer encouragement and constructive criticism (yeah I agree with you Jody my wall balls suck LOL), and you give what you expect from all of us 100% and some. This is a great photo I agree with Jo, and the benchmarks are very impressive
    (Does Tiff know about all your benchmark ladies ?? HA HA ). Thankyou for all your support you give to Courtney and I .
    Adios Amigo

  5. Squat clean - 42.5 PB 5kg on previous PB

    Wod: 17:33 Pull ups with red band x2
    Walls Balls rxd and all successful DU (did not count attempts which let me down in previous WODS)

    Extemely happy girl when I left the box. I'll join the Jody mutual admiration Society and say Thankyou for introducing me to enjoyable excercise and to the challenge of Cross Fit which gives such a great sense of achievement. It has cheered me up on numerous occasions including today.

  6. It seems a little of a cop out to say that I too totally agree with Jo, how well she put Jody down in writing.

    Yes Jody and Glenn have introduce encouraged inspired me thru the crossfit journey.

    The only place to be is CFP or CFSM

  7. Jody you are an amazing athlete. You are one of the reason why i am so proud to be a number athlete with CFP/CFS. Every time you are coaching or doing a WOD not only do you push yourself but you are still pushing & helping others during the WOD, that not only a sign of a great coach but a great person & team member.

    You show so much pride in CFP/CFS that it rubs on me. Keep it up coach :D

  8. Shoulders like a brown snake!

  9. Jody I have never had the chance to say how much you have changed my life. Here seems to be my opportunity. You started doing personal training with me about 3 and a half years ago. At that time I was with your other business of LifeIs..Back then you would train with me on a regular basis and I always left you feeling inspired. You always made me feel like their was nothing I couldn't do. One day you said tomorrow I will meet you at this small thing I have set up and it was Crossfit. I feel proud to say I trained in Penrith Box in it's first few days of existence. Well from that moment I was hooked. I moved in and out of training but am now 100 per cent commited. Crossfit has changed my life. I feel happier than ever in my life and I feel Jody you lead me here ever so gently. You are a great guy, a leader, an inspiration and most of all empathic to those around you. I am never the leader or fastest in a WOD but you always make me feel I have achieved so much after every WOD I do with you. Thanks Jody - you are an incredibly amazing man and I feel proud to know you like I do.

  10. very passionate about crossfit and cfp/cfs. expects 100% but is prepared to give it back in return. quick witted and up for a joke most of the time, just don't ask him for any chalk!... unless you are on his team of course.

  11. Jody, I LOVE your determined positivity. You have great patience and calmness, but can go to that intense place when you need to. I have learned a lot from you, not just skills and technique, but developing mental strength and attitude as well. And of course, finally hearing all those bands that cool people talk about ;-).Thank you for what you bring.