Friday, March 2, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-Veronica Mifsud

No.1 Veronica Mifsud-aka VRon
Age: 39
Height: 155cm
Weight: 57kg
Started CrossFit: June 2009
Occupation: Enjoying everyday doing what i want
Status: Married to athlete No. 4

Angie: 27.35
Cindy: 14 + 11
Fran: 6:14
Helen: 10:55
Jackie: 9:10
Kelly: 29:50
Nancy: 15.26
Nicole: 42

Snatch: 56kg
Clean & Jerk 71kg
Deadlift: 130kg
Back Squat: 100kg
OverHead Squat: 47.5kg x 2

Max Pull Ups: 25

Favourite WOD: Grace
Least favorite WODS: AMRAPS yuck

Fun Fact: I brush my teeth with my eyes closed


  1. What a great journey it has been watching "VRons Journey" I first started training Veronica back at Fitness First what seems like a lifetime ago. I actually kinda inhereted her from another trainer who left the land of Globo & as they say the rest is history. I VRons journey because, thats exactly what its been. She was "My first CrossFit Addict" I started really pushing the CrossFit methodology on all my clients back then, but I remember her complaining to me that she had to increase the families internet package to handle all the downloads she was going through. I new she was hooked at that point. Then fast foreward life a bit & she has quit her job,& she is completing her Certificate 4 in personal training & has become an accredited CrossFit Coach. We are fortunate to now have her as one of our Coaches at CFP. What a journey it has been. I treasure the fact that iv had the oppurtunity to be a small part in her progress as a respected CrossFit Athlete, & also fortunate to have her as a friend.

    i really appreciate all tips, encouragement and everything u have giving me :)

  3. I first saw VRon at CFP's open day, and boy oh boy was I impressed by the fact that she did all those pull ups unassisted! I was in awe! I so wanted to be able to do that! V, you were my very first CF inspiration and you continue to be an inspiration to me. I feel extremely proud to train alongside and under the guidance of such an amazing athlete.

  4. V-ron Rocks my socks!!!

    Go Team V-ron!

  5. V RON MIF <3
    i first met veronica when i was working at fitness first... we didn't talk much back then but i remember when V and Shane would be sitting at the cafe having coffee after they had done a workout, before the box had opened. I remember one day me and one of the managers were sitting in the gym and watched V walk out and she said to me "Wow that lady's fit, look at her muscles!" and i said yeah she does CrossFit, looks pretty hard... haha now i say it's f-ing hard!
    When i finally started coming to the box, i would watch V in awe doing all her kipping pull ups, ring dips and beating me at all wods i'd always think to myself id love to be like her.. hahaha i suppose you could say she was my first crossfit crush!!!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE training alongside you V, you always seem to make it more fun and not to mention you make me push so much harder!

  6. Ok V well here is my memory of you. I remember seeing you walking to RPM classes every thursday & your pt sessions with Graham. Then after i while i had seen Glenn training you & he was making you do weird & wonderful things with his TRX's, Tyres & Kettlebells. Then i remember see you, Glenn, Shane & Jen doing CF exercises together every thursday morning. Once Glenn/Jody opened CFP i had gone there to watch & remember how good you were. You are not only an amazing athlete & a damn good Crossfitter but you are amazing person who i am proud to call a friend who always love to have a laugh & joke around. I love coming in the morning & like i have commented on Lynn/Jody & Shane page your presents is up lifting & inspiring. To be named Captain is well deserved.

  7. It's time.

    What an eye opener it has been to train alongside you Veronica. Coming from a professional sport like rugby league, where females wouldn't have the strength to match the males if they were on the same playing field,
    and then onto asport like CrossFit, with the leveling of the playing field(40/30kg)i have come to realize that our differences in strength should have never really matered when forming my opinion on women in sport. During
    the constant battles between us in WODS which I have enjoyed on many levels i have asked myself the question of who would outlast who if it was a question of survival, a fight to the death and i couldn't say with confidence that it would be me, in my heart of hearts i know that it wouldn't be but i still have that faith in myself.In my life, from one athlete to another, that is the highest praise i can give anyone, and i could only give it to a handful so far and for me personally, i have realized that a womens strength lies in her strength of character, not in her physical strength.

    Thankyou for the life lesson and for the many great memories we have shared.

  8. vron you might not know this but the first time i really started trying in crossfit was after watching you do the first wod of the 2010 open. i remember walking in mid wod and seeing the effort you were putting in and thought to myself... wtf! so thanks for that inspiration. to top it off a great sense of humour and fun to be around (unless you are cranky).

    ps. i have ordered the puffy shirt.

  9. V, it's all your fault that I am addicted to exercise!
    I am so happy for you that you have changed your life and are now doing something you love so much. Your commitment is admirable and inspirational. Your knowledge and help as a coach is awesome. Thank you, and all the best as you continue to strive for stronger and better.

  10. Well what can I say that hasnt be said, to be really honest I was frighten of V a little,(a lot) was it her maltese background that gave her a fierce passion for strength and a hell of a temper or the fact that she was so strong and her frustation of not achieving what she knew she could .I always thought V could knock out my front teeth if I said something wrong.(well she can)
    But today I had the honour of judging V, what a great athlete totally calm and focus I was lucky enough to be judge and coached by V in todays open workout. A great little athlete turn coach. Tis beauty in strength.well done V

  11. V has made my crossfit journey go from a hobby to an addiction. I have V to thank for a lot of my achievements over the last few months and I am looking forward to learning more from her. Thanks V.

  12. Too me you are just simply awesome!!!! You are inspiring and a woman I admire easily!!