Friday, March 9, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-No. 4 Dan Wallace

No.4 Dan Wallace
Age: 38
Height: 186cm
Weight: 82kg
Started CrossFit: June 2009
Occupation: Ship Repair and Construction
Status: Married to Athlete No. 1

Annie: 20.05
Barbara: 46:58
Helen: 8:40
Jackie: 10:21
Nicole: 75

Deadlifts: 160kg
Squat Clean: 60kg
Clean and Jerk: 70kg
OverHead Squat: 50kg
Squat Snatch: 50kg
Max Pull Ups: 23

Favourite WODS
Fast Flowing WOD's

Least Favourite WODS
20min Amraps

Fun Fact
Loves Mountain Bikes


  1. Dan "The Man" is another athlete that has been with us from day one. We used to do sessions in the park before we found a box, & I remember V saying her Husband was gonna come down & check what all the fuss was about & he's been with us ever since. He is one of those people who don't say much but you just know he is "Rock solid" & wouldnt let you down. Congrats Dan "Athlete Nbr4"

  2. Awesome profile Dan!

    Look how far these numbers have changed! Check out that Helen time!! woo

    It's guna be great to look back at these profiles in a few years and see what's been happening! :)

  3. Go Dan!!! I don't cross paths with you very often at CFP, but when I do I am always impressed by how driven you are during WODs. You really do give it 110%. There is no holding back!!!


  4. i got to know dan a little better on our trips to and from regionals. he is the type bloke i would want in the trenches with me. awesome helen time too.

  5. As a numbered athlete. Solid as a Rock.
    As a competitor.Ferocious
    We like to think we push ourselves 100% all the time. Well we don't. But from the comps i have seen Dan compete in he certainly doesn't have much left in the tank.
    As a team member his contribution has been enormous.
    Next time you get stuck in the bottom of a heavy ass squat and the safety rails save you from crumpling. You can think of Dan. I do. He made them for us.
    As a man, genuine.
    I wish i had written this when Dan was first profiled, it wouldn't have been any different.