Thursday, November 25, 2010

Foodee Project

You would of noticed the the link on the right for "Meal of the day" hope you find this new resource of some value. It came about from Matthew Lucas from CrossFit Southwest in Tempe Arizona & in true CrossFit style was happy to share with the community. I have an extract from an email he sent us. Let us know what you think & dont be shy in contacting Matthew to let him know also.

I want to share something we have been using with great success at our gym that I have been developing over the past several months called the Foodee Project.

One of the main concerns our members have with trying a new diet or lifestyle as outlined by the paleo or primal-style diets is they don't know where to start. We can give them great, compelling articles and research on the merits of these diets, but without a good source of easy, delicious recipes, people often waiver and fail. It is our job as coaches to make sure we give our clients every possible opportunity to succeed! Instead of assuming members will seek out their own healthy recipes, why not bring the meals to them?

The Foodee Project brings the best of the web's recipes for a paleo/primal diet to one central location. The "Meal of the Day" is a widget we have developed for the Foodee Project to make these recipes readily available to your members. All you have to do is insert a snippet of code into your website or blog and it automatically delivers a new paleo/primal friendly meal to your site every day.

Matthew Lucas

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