Friday, March 30, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-Jenny Stagg

No.7 Jenny Stagg
Age: Doing AMRAP since 1958
Height: 152cms
Weight: 58kg
Started CrossFit: May 2009
Occupation: Customer Service/Instructor
Status: Sorry Gentlemen, Married

Deadlifts: 111kg
Squat Clean: 50kg
Clean&Jerk: 46kg
OverHead Squat: 42kg
Squat Snatch: 27kg
Max Pullups: 10

Favourite WOD: Filthy 50
Least Favourite WOD: Anything with C2B

Fun Fact: CrossFit helped me with my fear of heights & photography


  1. Way to go to Jen, you never cease to amaze me how far you have come and how far you constantly push yourself out of your Comfort Zone... if only more people took a leaf out of your book the world would be full of fitter people, keep on doin what you are doin. X

  2. u are awesome jenny :D! u always put in 110% with out fail love ur efforts keep it up :)

  3. Ditto Lynne. Such a great role model for fitness Jen. Another one of the "Day 1 originals"
    I have constantly seen Jen identify fears & conquer them since we opened. Jen is one of those athletes that coaches love having in the team.

  4. Congratulations Jen on your well deserved numbered athlete shirt.

    It's awesome having you at our box. You show up day after day, week after week and give your best at everything that is up on the board.

    I was speaking with you the other day and listening to you talk about your health, your fitness was great to listen to. It showed me how when you set your mind to something and determined about achieving your goals, you DO!

    That in it's self is an amazing feat!! Well done Jen, glad you have you around!! :)

    P.s You kill box jumps now!! haha

  5. Jen...great photo and profile! You are amazing!
    Congrats on becoming a numbered athlete...well done!
    See you in a couple of weeks.

  6. Hey Jen,

    I will always remember Week 3, 2011 of the opens It was one of the highlights of the competition for me. One of the mental skills we have as a team recognized as being important to attain and practice is persistence. And your PERSISTANCE to do a 50kg squat clean and stay in the running for a spot at the games was the best i have seen at CFP. 95% of athletes would have given up, but persistence bordering insanity, along with some other factors is what makes that last 5% of athletes so special.

  7. Well we are a year on & all the comments above still echo strong. Its fitting that the open has just finished & I read Jody's comment.What we shared on the final workout was something that will stay with me for a long time Jen. Thank You.

  8. haha. if you try to not focus on the pull up bar in that picture it looks like you a flying through mid air. always a pleasue to see you around the place jen.

  9. Jen! I came to the realisation that the Open teaches us a lot about ourselves and what we're really made of.....but the 'realisaiton or the ah ha moment' for me this year wasn't about me at all, it was what I learnt about others and how they react and behave when the going really gets tough, this year I saw others blink, but not you.

    Jen Stagg: I learnt that you are one tough nut.

    It was an absolute honour and pleasure for me to be judging you this year. Your persistence and determination are qualities that everyone should strive for.

    Be proud xx