Thursday, December 16, 2010


Our brothers at CFS during the TEAM wod at TOP DOG 2

Front Squat + Jerk 5-5-5-5-5
(5 Front Squats & 1 Jerk)

WOD 4 Rounds
Run 200m
15 Wall Ball

Within 90 seconds of finishing, complete MAX reps Pull Ups

Max Hover
Max Handstand Hold

Post loads/time to comments


  1. Squats & Jerk: 80kgs for all 5 sets.

    WOD: 7.55 Rx'd

    Hover: 2.03
    Handstands: 1.02

  2. Awesome Photo Coach, check out the concentration and determination on both Nathans and Jame face

  3. front squat jerk
    80,80,80,85,90fail on jerk

    wod 7.24
    pullups 25 (new pr)

    hover 2.05
    hnadstand 1.03

  4. 80, 80(F jerk), 80(F Jerk), 80, 80(F Jerk)

    Skipped the WOD today and worked on HSPU & T2B
    Managed to get the T2B kipping each time and about 8 kipping HSPU's in a row each time.

    100 Double Unders in a row first attempt. I find when practicing these it is always better to put the pressure on yourself to perform a certain number of reps in a row. That way when it comes to competing you are used to performing under pressure.

  5. Love the Photo it looks like it should be on the front of some promotional magazine. Awesome Boys !!!!

    Hey HC the whole CFP PFC 18 Jordan stuff is real freaky I agree

    Hasta Manana , Adios Amigos

  6. new to CFP, started wed.
    front squat jerk

    WOD 9.12, using 6kg med ball
    Pull ups 16

    Hover 1.03
    Handstand 1.38

    Really enjoying the workouts so far

  7. Cleans: 43, 46, 49 x 6

    Wod: 9:05 & 6 kipping pull ups...forgot about the pull ups till Jody reminded me so prob not within the 90 sec time.