Friday, December 31, 2010


New Years Eva
Back by popular demand. If you done recently as an individual, feel free to TEAM it up, & vice versa if you TEAMED up.

5 Rounds
800m Run
30 KB Swings 32/24
30 Pull Ups

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  1. Wasnt sure how this would go down with everyone today, i guess ill hear about it next week when im in the box in person.
    Let me say how rapt i was to see Daniel post a time today. For me, a re post so soon is worth every blood sweat & tear.
    Awesome work mate

  2. Eva
    49:02 Rxd
    Eva was just what I needed to blow out the
    Xmas Cobwebs
    Bloody hot though

  3. It was awesome H.C. A real gutsy effort from him to finish his first EVA as R'xd.

    Glenn asked me did i have a workout in mind for New Years Eve. Living a life of themes New Years Eva was an obvious choice for me but not the reason i chose it. Eva for me brings out the qualitys i love in our athletes at CFP.
    Courage, Ferocity & Pride.
    Courage to turn up xmas eve and go through a workout that is brutal, and then turn up again today and do it again. I'm sure that i was not alone in feeling a little bit fearful of taking her on again today.
    Ferocity, attacking the workout again trying to beat or get as close to your time on xmas eve. I have got to point out that Margaret & Pam finshed quicker this time round.
    Pride, Being proud enough to turn up every week after workouts that you own and the ones that totally own you. And being proud to be a part of this great team. CFP.

    WOD-50.22 R'xd

  4. Another great workout. You got it one Jody, turning up day after day, with your team mates, is one of the many aspects that make CFP a top place to train.

    WOD: 55.52 Rx'd.
    9 minutes slower than last week but about 1000 degrees hotter.

  5. WOD - 42.24
    2nd time around. Gave it a go on my own, this week. Did 3 1/2 complete rounds (4th round did half the work) 16KB and red/blue bands for pullups.

    I am afraid I used the sun as an excuse for not doing final round. but all round an improvement on last week, certainly feel like I worked harder.

    Hopefully 12 months before I have to give it another go and by then..... the skys the limit.

  6. Worked in a team with Dom today... Got scared right off the bat with this one, not only the weights but the quantity of work, but after I got through I kind of wished I had a crack!

    Used 16kg bell which was way too light and blue band for pull ups but could prob have gone red, so at the very least now have something to work from and keep getting better... Completed as a team in 29.55 which was what we where aiming for...

    Nice to meet a few of the CFP crew for the first time!

  7. I found New Years Eva easier mentally, but harder physically than Christmas Eva

    Christmas Eva - 52 minutes something

    New Years Eva - 60 minutes something

    8 minutes slower but I actually felt better this time around. I think the competitive atmosphere and the number of people working out on Christmas Eve helped me push a little harder