Friday, December 17, 2010

Rest Day

UFC Rising Star & Penrith's own James Te Huna came in to CFP yesterday to put some finishing touches on his preperation before heading off to the U.S.A to prepare for the upcoming UFC 127
here in Sydney on Feb 27 2011. We look foreword to seeing James a lot more in the New Year.

For those coming in to CFP
75%x5 - 80%x5 - 85%x5+
WOD 3 Rounds
Run 400m
10 Ring Dips (If you have a Muscle Up, set them high)
20 Push Ups (Release at bottom & Pop at top)
10 Ring Dips
Within 10min of Finishing, find your 3rm OHS
Post loads/Time to comments


  1. Cleans: 65kgs, 70kgs, 75kgs(4F). - Don't know what happen there.

    WOD: 22.35 Dips Only.

    OHS: 70kgs.

  2. cleans 80x5,85x5,90x5

    wod 34.58
    did 53 dips with mu, but last 7 on lower rings. rnd1 about 6mins, rnd2 about 12mins, rnd3 around 17mins. after first round i was really battling with mu & dips and could barely get 1 or 2 reps at a time.

    ohs 60, failed 3rd rep 70 but will get it next time

  3. 30x5, 40x5, 42.5x5

    wod 13.59, but with assisted ring dips. i realised at the end that i only did 10 push ups in the 1st round. so i guess it was really uncompleted

  4. Cleans:
    5 @ 70
    5 @ 72
    4 @ 75 (my foot got cought, to much grip)

    WOD: 17:35 Muscle up Dips (+ 5 extra pushups oops)

    3rm OHS: 40, 50, 60kgs

  5. Cleans:
    went of mums 1rm weight
    5@ 38.8
    5@ 41.5
    4@ 48 (i had it lol)

    WOD: 26:03 rxd
    this wod was really hard lol

    3rm OHS: 30,35,37.5(F) ill get it :)

  6. Cleans- 55,58,61(7)

    Wod- 21:03 (got MUs first rd, failed both 2nd round got first lot on 3rd rd then fail)

    OHS- 40,45,50 (new pr)

  7. Shot looked at the wod realized I only did 10 pushups instead of 10 my bad

  8. the photo... looks like jamie and glen are carrying imaginery suitcases.

  9. crazy woman thought it started at 6:30 not 6...

    So missed cleans. only did WOD scaled:

    Run 200m
    10 Ring Dips fattest band, red?
    20 Push Ups TRX
    10 Ring Dipsas above
    Within 10min of Finishing, find your 3rm OHS I forget but I wrote it on the board.