Thursday, January 20, 2011


Work on something that needs work
Catch a missed Strength session

WOD - (Thanks CrossFit Brisbane)
Tabata Pushup
400m run

rest 30 seconds from last person through the door

Tabata Situp
400m Run

rest 30 seconds from last person through the door

Tabata Squat
400m Run

Score is the total reps of all exercises minus the total seconds of the run.

Post score to comments


  1. OHS: 70kgs(4F), 80kgs(3), 85kgs.

    WOD: -60. Rx'd

    In case anyone is wondering, that's a minus sign before the number 60. My score is minus 60 rxd, apparently that's possible.

  2. Anything is possible Brendan ;)

    Skills Rope Climbs

    WOD 64 Pushups - 69 sec Run
    88 Sit Ups - 87 sec Run
    88 Squats - 84 sec Run

    Score 0 or 1 rep every second

    If you divide the time it takes you to run by the number of reps you get you come up with
    1 rep every ? sec

  3. strict pull ups 13,8,7,10,10 (last 2 sets after wod)
    rope climbs x 8

    rnd1 90-69 = +21
    rnd2 104-85 = +19
    rnd3 121-89 = +32
    total = +72

    ring dips 10,8,5,3,5 on the min

    max height box jump 133.5cm (30'box+7x20kg bumpers)

  4. just did the math jody. 1.2962963reps/sec...what are we rounding to? haha

  5. I worked this out yesterday Dan. If you take it to 3 decimal places you will find a winner if someone does 1 more or 1 less rep.

    So you have expressed yours in reps per second i see. Hmmmm.......
    Or you can express it 1 rep every 0.771 seconds.

  6. Tabata T2B
    100 double unders

  7. i see. then divide it by the square root of 10, carry the one and if my calculations are correct... we may have completely lost our minds

    if there are any mathematics in the workouts on sunday you're gunna be right up there jody. haha

  8. Skills
    Muscle ups failed, just wouldn't work for some reason.
    Turkish Get Up 28kg
    WOD: -21
    The push ups and the first run stuffed me.

  9. HSPU- (20kg plates) 5-5-5, (rings) 3-3-1
    OHS- (40kg)x5, (50kg)x5, (55kg)x3 (60kg) Fail!

    WOD- (85-77), (81-88), (120-115) = 6 or 1.0214 rps haha

    died in the ass on the last run! hello legs????

  10. Rnd1: 78-96 = -18
    Rnd2: 84-90 = -6
    Rnd3: 113 -93 = +20
    Total = -4

  11. WOD
    Round One 87-78 = +9
    Round Two 91-80 = +11
    Round Three 121-101 = +20
    Total = +40

    Following "Gall's theorem of rep output" I scored 1.154 reps per second. Or 0.866 seconds per rep

    I like this scoring better as I'm only 0.142 reps a second behind Country Dan, which looks a lot better than 32 reps behind him in the + or - scoring