Saturday, January 22, 2011


Catch a missed session from the week.

Attention CrossFit Gosford Competitors/Spectators
Anyone who is carpooling on Sunday, we will be leaving CFP at 530am. We will have a BBQ & drinks at CFP when we get back for anyone interested.

Remember everyone, this will be a long day "they all are". Make sure you overcompensate your supplies. Plenty of fluids, plenty of nourishment for the day. You dont want to be trying anything new on the day. I mean, if you dont usualy have protein powder then now is not the time to try it out before competition.
Stick to the same ol routine that you do day in day out as far as foods/liquids go. If anyone has any questions just give me a call.
Have a great time at Gosford & Give em hell guys


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  2. Firstly just wanted to congratulate Tysha & Brendan on becoming number athletes, its always great to see someone receive there shirt, & for Tysha to celebrate it with coming 2nd in womens open is amazing as effort as well.

    I guess i just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who turned out at Gosford today. To see the turnout that we have is amazing & it's wasn't just a trip around the corner which shows what an amazing bunch of people we have at CFP/CPS. Not only were there a number of athletes competing but also people coming for support which is amazing in itself.

    Thats why i get such a buzz about games days, for the support, friendship and positive energy that comes from it. Everyone is there to support everyone & it doesn't matter what fitness level people are at or were they place on the day we are all equal. But when someone from CFP/CFS get a top 3 placing its such a buzz to see a team mate being reward with hard work.

    Congratulations to Tysha & Courtney for there 2nd & 3rd placing & congratulations to everyone who competed or supported because you are also winners. Like the CPS moto states " THERE IS NO I IN TEAM". I am proud to be number 20 athlete for CFP especially on a day like today :D

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  4. 1 billion % agree with everything u have said johnny!!!

    today was awesome guys! well done im am sooo proud of every single one of u.
    i would just like to say a special thanks to jody on doing such an awesome job today as stepping in and taking the roll as coach. like we spoke about this arvo at the box u picked up on things that u wouldnt have if u competed today. even though i know u wanted to compete :).. (he did you proud HC and the whole of CFP/CFS.) wish u could of been there :).

    tysha you did an amazing job today what an excellent way to start your numbered athlete journey :D

    once again awesome work everyone!
    proud of u all love CFP/CFS family :)

  5. well done guys you always do cfp proud xoxoxoxoox

  6. Plus one on what John said.

    I loved watching everyone give there all.
    That's the best part. Having a go at something that you think could quite easily CRUSH you and giving it your best shot and coming out the other side with only a few scratches and bruises haha

    It was a hell of a fight on all 3 wods.
    A huge riot!! haha

    Thanks to everyone for making the day heaps of fun, i could NOT imagine being the only person there without anyone from our box! :)

    See you at the next event.

    Congrats Brendon and Tysha on your athlete shirts! Top work by courts and Tysha also to get a podium finish! :)

  7. i'd just like to add that i have been attending crossfit for 6 months and belinda about 3 months.
    but the support and encouragement that we have received from both cfs and cfp has been amazing.
    its like a family and i feel has though each time we get together our bonds only get stronger.
    in saying that i would like to express how proud i am of each and everyone of my brothers and sisters for performing at there absolute best.
    from both cfs and cfp.
    and am looking forward to continuing my journey.
    (with my new found family)
    a big thanks to jody for taking the time out to be there for us. appreciate it mate.

  8. Everyone keeps saying all the things I want to say!!! So, ditto ditto ditto to all of the above!

    CFP & CFS athletes, coaches and supporters are INSPIRATIONAL and I am so very proud to be part of this family.

  9. I'm with you Jo, ditto to everyones comments above! :)
    Such a tops day to be a part of and top people to share it with! I love love love watching everyone give everything of inspiring to see.

    It's days like these that I know that there's no other crossfit box I'd rather belong to. It makes me feel so proud to be a numbered athlete now! no.26 yippee and congrats Brendan on your no.27.

    At CFP I always know I'm in the right place surrounded by the best people!
    HUGE congrats to all!! xx

  10. As a long time listener/first time caller. The CFG games was my first [even though I've been crossfitting(?) for about a year. The vibe and hype at the games is unbelievable. Competing, cheering on and talking about how you went in the last WOD was the best. The feeling of mateship being part of the CFS/CFP team is hard to describe, having some of the top athletes pat you on the back, saying "top job", "well done", "you kicked arse"....... well you have to be there to appreciate it.
    And to top it all off, see not 1 but 2 of our female athelete called out to stand on the podium, just tops off a great day. To anyone wishing to compete or attend a games day, don't ponder the thought do it. You'll be hook like me.