Thursday, January 6, 2011


Rope Climbs & Scaling Variations
If you have the "Rope Climb" covered, perform 20 Muscle Ups for time or work your Muscle Up as a skill.

WOD - "Schoolboy" (Stolen from CrossFit OneWorld)
20 Min AMRAP
5 Deadlift @ Body weight
1 Rope Climb 15/12

Every minute on the minute for 5minutes, perform 20 Sit Ups as fast as possible.
(If you dont get 20 reps out in any given minute, sit the next minute out)


  1. I found this pretty tough! But really loved it.

    14 rounds + 5 deadlifts (57.5kg)

    In the early rounds I could get to the marker in 3, but in later rounds it was 4 (and even 5 once) mainly due to my feet slipping down the rope as I pushed up. Had one failed climb when I just couldn't quite get to the top.

    Sit ups: 31sec, 32, 32, 33, 34.

  2. Found this tough too but fun!

    12 rounds + 5 deads @ 60kg

    Sit ups: missed time on last round by 3 & 1st round didn't count as forgot to put soles together. Next time :) These are hard!

  3. WOD: Scaled Rope Climbs.
    100kg DL
    12 Rounds, 2 Scaled Climbs + 3 Reps DL

    Situps: All sets completed
    fastest 33 sec
    slowest 49 sec

  4. 1.4k run 4.41

    muscle ups (didn't time)
    21 in total, 4 max in a row

    14+5dl rxd

    sit ups complete

    double unders
    121 max in a row

  5. This was my first real challenge with the rope climbs Good work by H C with this one.
    WOD 22 & 2 as RXD
    Deadlifts were @ 80kgs

    der dn.....der dn......
    Tried to do the stabilization and FAILED.3 RNDS and 15.

  6. Practiced Muscleups did 10 but not for time
    Wod. 17 rnds + 5 @ 83kgs
    sit ups as requested
    Well done to Toddy tonight really got the hang
    Of the rope climbs

  7. Really looking forward to doing this one later in the week, something i think i would really enjoy! ;)

  8. Great Wod this morning HC

    19 rounds 55kg deadlift rxd

    all sit ups in 27/28 secs

    Adios Amigos

  9. First rope climb in a WOD for CFP. It was great to be a part of it. 19 rounds @ 90kg. All sit ups under 30secs

  10. Can HC climb a rope or what!!

    11+5 60k deadlift this was definitely a lot harder than it read, good to do a climb under pressure.

    All situps under 40secs

  11. WOD:
    Deadlifts at 85kgs
    15 Rounds + 5 Reps

  12. 20 Muscle Ups for time 13.45