Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The CrossFit Games Open Begins Tuesday March 15th

From the CrossFit Games Official Page

The six week worldwide competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

The CrossFit Games Open is a six-week competition that will begin Tuesday, March 15th at 17:00 PDT. This competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Each week, one event will be announced each Tuesday, and everyone has until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to complete the event and record their scores.

There are two ways to compete:

1. Compete at a Registered Affiliate: Attend a workout session at a registered affiliate and submit your score for the affiliate to validate.

2. Compete Anywhere: Perform the workout as prescribed anywhere you can or want, and videotape it. Submit your score and upload your video.

We are developing a comprehensive website to handle the technical requirements of the worldwide Open. That website will go live the week before the competition. It will have robust registration, scoring, and reporting capabilities. If you're an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to Opt-In each week. There will be a few criteria that you must abide by, but generally you will have a lot of freedom over how and when you host the competition.

Complete details coming soon.


  1. Been waiting a year for this, can't wait!

  2. YYIIEOOWWWW!!!!! its going to be awesome!
    i cant wait either jody lol

  3. Woo hoo!!! I can't wait to see the CFP/CFS gang in action!!!

    I'm really interested to find out the details how it will run in our box.

  4. Jen Never Old ChookJanuary 25, 2011 at 8:33 PM

    Hell where did than 12months go !!