Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rest Day

For those coming in to CFP

Rope Climbs/Transitions
KB Snatch OR Catch a missed strength session

WOD - 3 Rounds
600m Run
10 Box Jumps (Higher than you normally go)
50 Double Unders
5 KB Snatch/Arm 24/16

2 x MAX Reps T2B

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  1. Skills: Rope Climbs (I've gone from good to bad on these).

    WOD: 23.57 Rx'd

    T2B: 15 and 13. I used the hook grip on second set and my grip was a lot stronger.

  2. Warm up 3 rope climbs 3 muscle ups 10 ring dips from Muscle up.

    WOD RXD 15:50

    T2B: 25, 27

    Adios Amigos

  3. Cleans 80, 85, 90(2)Working off my goal 1RM of 110
    HSPU in between, 6 reps to 1 ab mat 1 rep to 5kg plate. 9 kipping

    WOD-15.44 with a 28 inch box

    Toes through Rings 18, 16

  4. trusters
    65kg x 5 on the min every min for 10min

    rope climbs
    1 on the min every min for 10min
    pretty happy with these today. 7 climbs with 3 movements and 3 climbs with just two. finally another exercise its good to be tall.

    wod 15.30rxd 30'box

    t2b 20,18

  5. just read jodys post. maybe it was 28' box

  6. Just read your post Dan maybe you mean THRUSTERS LOL
    Adios amigos

  7. practised rope climbs and did my first false grip muscle up! :D - wasn't expecting that!

    wod - 15:59 rxd