Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rest Day

For those coming in to CFP

Push Press

WOD - 5 Rounds (Freddy's Revenge)
5 Shoulder to Overhead anyway 84/52 (Requested weights can use racks)
10 Burpees

Perform MAX reps in 2min of "Sit up & Get up"(Start by doing a sit up, then stand straight up after completing the rep, without using hands to assist) Compare HERE:
Post loads/time to comments


  1. muscle ups/transitions neutral grip
    2,2,2,2,2 last 2 sets after wod
    just can't get that third one

    push press
    70x5,75x5,85x3,90x1 (failed first go at 90)


    sugu 41rxd

  2. Push Press
    70(5), 70(5), 75(3), 80(1)

    First Round 84kg
    Last 4 Rounds @ 70kg Unbroken Reps so i was happy with it.
    Thought i was at Gosford today with my burpees so i actually scaled the WOD even further with no clap at the top.

    Well done today Dan M finishing above R'xd.

    Finished with 3 intervals on the rower

  3. SUGU with an ab mat 11

  4. 40 (5) 45 (5) 50 (3) 50 (3)

    WOD scaled 8:41
    loaded bar up with rxd weight and almost decapitated myself on first rep so quick pit stop weight change thanks to help from HC and Courtney and back on track with 40kg unbroken reps ..... wish I had gone 45kg but time ticking and every second counts.

    Subbed SGU with toes through rings (disc problem) 33 in 2 mins

    Top work from Dan and Jody this morning

    Hasta Manana Amigos n Amigos not in Manana Feliz Australia Dia

  5. I've just posted pics on Facebook of Christmas Eva and a team training workout a couple of weeks before Christmas. Again, I haven't edited them at all, so apologies for any unflattering shots. And special thanks to Justine P for taking charge of my camera while I was doing Eva.

  6. Push Press
    5 @ 60kg
    4 @ 60kg for some reason I jerked on the 5th
    3 @ 65kg
    2 @ 65kg failed on the 3rd

    Wod: 8:43 50kg

    I got 10 Sit up & Get ups using a 10 and a 5kg plates

  7. Push Press: 80kgs, 80kgs, 90kgs(F), 90kgs(2F).

    WOD: 12.57 Rx'd + 1 (85kgs).

    Sit-ups: 9 with Ab mat.

  8. 20 Muscle Ups for time 13.45 &
    Tabata Double Unders
    25 x 5
    18, 20, 20

  9. Jen Never Old ChookJanuary 26, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Push Press
    37 40 40 42

    WOD 8.19 37kg