Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Coach B back in the day

WOD - 10 Rounds for time
3 Front Squats @ Bodyweight
5 Strict Pullups
7 Deadlifts @ Bodyweight

*Rest 45 seconds between rounds. But after 45seconds, be READY TO GO!

Remainder of session;

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  1. yeah...first to post

    tabata ring dips
    5 each interval

    wod 12.22rxd+1kg (used 85kg,bodyweight=84kg)
    all unbroken

    500m row 1.24.7

    3 x 1min hovers

  2. WOD 20.31 minus 45 second rests = 13.01 @50kg's

  3. Wod: 9:16 (time with rest deducted)using 50kg way off my bw of 63kg (should of done at least 55kg but not feeling it today, can't clean my BW yet) subbed strict pull ups for pulls under rings

    Had a go at rowing 500m in 1:56. Thanks for the tips Dan M :)

  4. WOD: 9:54 (time with rest deducted) 45kg

    500m row: 1:56 PB old time was 2:03
    thanks Dan M and Jody for the tips! :) i will get on it and start practicing.

    CORE with jussy and tysh
    alternating superman
    TVA heel taps

    good work everyone :)

  5. WOD 50kg all sets unbroken 8:36

    Adios Amigos

  6. Wod
    20:23 - (45sec x 10)=12:53 @ 70kg

    500m row 1:40

  7. Wod 13;03 (75kg) Only last 2 pullups of rnd 10 were broken
    My aim today was to have unbroken reps and to utilize the hook grip on all lifts
    Was happy to complete at this weight about 70% of lifts were with hook grip im slowly getting used to it

  8. WOD: 17.35 @ 55kg (time is from start to finish, I haven't deducted rest times, hence the higher number).

  9. WOD
    26:28 - 6:45 (45 secs x 9)
    = 19:43 @ 85kg

    Might have gone a little too heavy with the 85kg, failed a lot of reps cleaning the bar for front squats. Squats and deadlifts no problem, just the cleans to start. Although I wasted a lot of time on the failed cleans and extra recovery, I'm glad I got all 10 rounds out at 85kg

  10. Marie

    17:52 - 6:45 (45 secs x 9)
    = 11:07 @ 43kg & 30kg

    500m row

  11. 19.59 R'xd
    Hspu 4,3,3 head to ground
    Tabata dips 5,5,5,3,3,3,3,4