Monday, February 28, 2011


Clean (Rest 3 min between efforts)

Front Squat
2 sets MAX reps @ Bodyweight

WOD - Every minute on the Minute for 12min
6 KB Swings 24/16
MAX Wall balls
(Your score is total wall balls)

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Post loads/reps to comments


  1. Cleans: 80kgs. 2(f), 3, 3.

    Front Squat: 80kgs. 9 and 6.

    WOD: 100. Rxd. Not one missed rep. Dialed it back a fair bit for this one.

    Have a different game plan this week, to hit it hard on Wednesday and ensure I can back up just as hard Saturday.

  2. Full Clean

    Really concentrated on getting the full squat
    Front Squat
    Really dialed back today
    Wod 102 rxd
    As with the Bigfella I dialed back concentrating
    On unbroken reps of 10
    Last 2sets were broken but I'm getting there
    Really looking forward to Wednesday
    Was able to maintain hook grip throughout
    Cleans.It is feeling stronger each time I use it

  3. Did last Thursday's Wod and beat old time by 2:30
    HELL WOD!!!!

    WOD - 4 Rounds
    21 - KB Swings 24/16
    15 - Pull Ups
    12 - Thrusters 40/30
    9 - Push Ups (Release at Bottom)

    Wod 17:13 Rxd

  4. Squat Cleans:3x3@80kg, rying to concentrate at not pulling too early
    Front Squat @90kg 6,6
    WOD: 110, maintained a 10 set every round [no missed reps], except 8th which I sat out to stretch, pretty happy with the WB's

  5. Squat cleans: 50kg x 3 sets of 3. Went a bit lighter than last time due to injury
    Front squats: 65kg x 2 sets of 6. Did sets of 5 last time

    Wod: 126 reps rxd. Smashed my last count of 96 and it felt easier. Tried getting out the shots quicker and unbroken so had more rest break. Ended up with 15 secs break between rounds.

  6. sprints at jemo park
    3x100m sprints, 3x200m sprints, 3x400m sprint
    2min rest between 100's, 2.5-3min rest between 200's, 3.5min rest between 400's.

    Squat cleans:
    3@ 45
    2@ 47.5 (F)
    2@ 47.5 (F)
    Front squat
    5@ 50
    5@ 50
    compared to last time i improved with both lifts reps and weight.

    WOD: 101 reps rxd. smashed my last score of WB which was 86 :D
    really happy with how i went today.

  7. Power clean:3 sets of 3 @40kg. 10kg heavier than last time.
    front squat:40kg x 5. 2nd set 40kg x 6

    wod: 41 reps rxd. used 9kg wall ball this time. it was alot harder and heavy, but am happy i used it.

  8. ohs 60x15,60x14

    squat cleans 100x3,100x3,100x3

    front squat 85x8,85x8

    wod 104rxd
    originally counted 94 but miscounted. doesn't make much difference was still 28reps off last time. had plans of grandeur... 12reps each round, but imploded in the 7th round. only 33reps in last 6 rounds.

    tabata pull ups 9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8

  9. clean 3-3-3 60kgs
    front squat 2 sets of 5 at 60 kgs

    WOD - 65 9kg wall balls
    72 kb swings 16kg