Friday, February 18, 2011

Numbered Athlete Profile-Sarah Robin

No.22 Sarah Robin aka Sare
Age: 30
Height: 176cm
Weight: 62kg
Started CrossFit: June 2009
Occupation: Military Lawyer

Deadlifts: 100kg
Back Squat: 65kg
Squat Clean: 45kg
Clean and Jerk: 37.5kg
OverHead Squat: 30kg
Squat Snatch: 27.5kg

Max Pull Ups: 10

Favourite WODS: Hero WODS-They always kick you arse in a satisfying way.
Least Favourite WODS: AMRAPS

Fun Fact: I received 10 stitches in my shin after a 24" box bit back.


  1. WOoo go Sarah! :)

    Some awesome Stats you have there!
    Crazy about your box jump and leg.. ouch!

    I want to see photos hahaha

    Hopefully see you soon. Keep on training hard.

  2. One thing I love about Sare is her enthusiasm, there's that enthusiasm in everything she does which no doubt has contributed to her successes in life.

    I didn't meet Sare through CrossFit, it was before that when we used to do Boot Camp together, my old Personal Trainer had left so I was on the lookout for a new one, Sare had great confidence in her PT and suggested that I contact him, and he being HC. It all worked out really well, because now that we had the same trainer we could train together, so we doubled up on our training sessions and kinda became Glenn's CrossFit guinea pigs.

    I don't get to see Sare as much as I'd like with her zig zagging all over the place, but it is great when she blows into town and the box for a WOD and a catch up.

    It's great to see how far you've come Sare, you should be really proud, I miss you heaps but I know that no matter where you are you're doing yourself and CFP proud.

  3. Congrats Sare
    Another one of my "CrossFit Originals" I can remember me making you do box jumps on a pump step with 2 risers high back in my Globo days, wow how far you have come. Your enthusiasm & desire are one of a kind. I can remember you crying after a session once because you wanted to be stronger/faster everything like right NOW!! That kind of desire was something I had not seen too often. I also remember you texting me from Canberra "I think" when you completed your 1st WOD as Rxd with pullups in it. No more bands!!!
    When I think of my own CrossFit journey, your a face that pops in my mind numerous times. Your dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm towards CrossFit &
    particulary CFP is a definite reflection of your success in life.
    Congratulations Sare

  4. Hey Miss Sarah! Congrats on your numbered athlete. You are tops girl! I love when you come visit CFP, your always awesome to be around. I felt so lucky to have you as my team mate at Crossfit Never quit...go CFP beauties! haha love being in a team with you. You are fab!! :) Come back and visit soon xx

  5. I would like to thank HC sooooo much for introducing me to Crossfit in 2009. It is a huge part of my life now. I feel so proud to be a numbered athlete amongst some of the strongest and most inspirational people I know. I unfortunately don't get back to CFP as often as I would like due to living in Canberra now and I miss all of you guys loads. I love the atmosphere when I get the chance to come back to the box and it's like I never left and I'm part of the family.

    I'll be in on Saturday before I head overseas for work for a while and you'll be seeing me on the blog while I'm away... My aim is to come home doing full rx'd benchmarks later this year!!

    Only took me 18 months to get pullups!!!