Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rest Day

For those coming in to CFP

WOD - 4 Rounds
21 - KB Swings 24/16
15 - Pull Ups
12 - Thrusters 40/30
9 - Push Ups (Release at Bottom)

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  1. WOD-13.30 R'xd. 95% today. I am spent

    Feels good to be chasing that last 5% again.

    Rower Intervals with 15 Double Unders between.
    300,300,250's last 3. Chasing 5 x 300m.

    Give it everything team, start practicing being ready on game day.

  2. WOD rxd 10:58
    did Annie after 80% 6:34

    Adios Amigos

  3. WOD Rxd 19.05
    wow well done Lynne amazing time,You could have had a Latte waiting for me.

  4. WOD: 14.17 Rx'd

    Picked up on a few little things to improve on. New blog page looks good.

  5. Wod: 19:43 Rxd
    500m row 1:44

  6. wod 13.26rxd
    swings and pull ups slowed me up, 4th rnd was a horrible experience. lynne, you never cease to amaze me.

    rower intervals 300m x 5

    tabata ring dips 5 each interval

  7. WOD 28.30
    Punished for not training for a few weeks.
    Pullups yellow band (red for rd 4)
    Thrusters (25kg rd 1, 20kg rd 2,3,4)
    Pushups on knees.
    Thanks for getting me through guys.

  8. wod - 15.48 rxd. took it fairly easy today.. first wod back after a week.

  9. Re-did this WOD on Saturday, with Nath, James and Dan, 17:08, knocked 3:16 off my original time
    Pretty Happy with my effort this time, focus and continual movement was alot better [thanks to Jody].

  10. WOD
    18 minutes, battling after taking a weeks holiday in QLD with no physical activity and poor diet