Wednesday, March 2, 2011


WOD #1
15 Squat Cleans 43/30
15 Ring Dips
12 Power Cleans
12 Ring Dips
9 Hang Power Cleans
9 Ring Dips

WOD #2
Run Big Block

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  1. Game Day Wod
    7:27 Rxd
    Arms are Busted

  2. An easy one to push hard at, only short. Not to mentally challenging. Gave 95+ today with some room for improvement on saturday. WOD 5.15 R'xd

    Rowed 1min Intervals with 15 D/U Between
    300,300,291. Chasing the 3rd for now but aiming for 5

    Will train again tonight

  3. WOD: 10.55 Rxd

    Obviously this time needs to come down dramatically

  4. kb swings 10 on the min every min for 10mins
    was hoping to do 32kg each set. but didn't get in early enough so had to incorporate warm up. so i did 10x16kg,10x20kg,10x24kg,10x28kg then 6 sets at 32kg

    wod 4.24rxd

    2k row 7.10
    didn't put it on the board. can someone put it on if we need the numbers to get 5

    t2rings 5sets x 10

  5. Wasn't sure I was going to train today but fely ok when at 10:30am:

    Judged by: Jody
    WOD: 3:12 As RX'd

  6. WOD rxd 4:16
    Run 1.4km block 5:33

    Rowed 5 x 1"intervals with 15 double unders in between rounds (that took care of my double under challenge for today)

    3 x 15 toes through rings

    Well done Jen on your Wod and ring dips , you have come sooooo far you looked great doing them without the band , you should be very proud :)

    Adios Amigos

  7. WOD: 6:26 rxd
    didn't gage the wod correctly today should of gone 100% in the lifts!
    1.4km- 5:07 so close to my PB of 4:54
    will definitely get it next time.

    then did some muscle up practice and toes through rings

    really enjoyed the judging aspect was good :D

  8. Wod 1 only: 7:32 orange band

  9. WOD 1: 6:25 rxd

    Need to work on my ring dips badly.

    Big thanks to my mate Gab!

  10. 50 Push Ups for time-2.40mins. 10 sec faster

    Annie-6.22. All unbroken

  11. PT today: Modified WOD - limited movements due to injury.

    WOD: 5:03:34
    15 power cleans 30kg
    15 toes through rings
    12 power cleans
    12 toes through rings
    9 hang power cleans
    9 toes through rings

    Forearms were killing me!

    Then practiced faster paced hang cleans.
    Then worked out a faster way of doing box jumps, saving half a second over 10 reps and not feeling as gassed.
    Then did my physio WOD.

  12. 50 Pushups for time : 51sec
    Annie 7min Rxd
    First set double unders cost valuable time

    Still very disappointed in this mornings WOD
    Can't wait for Saturday

    Thanks for the workout tonight Jody it was just
    What I needed

  13. First WOD - 30kg cleans, 4:28

    1.4km run - 7:10

  14. Marie

    7:18 with orange band

    1.4km run

    500m row

  15. WOD
    2nd attempt on Game Day Saturday
    4:06 as RXD

    Rather than trying to complete ring dips unbroken, completed in 3 sets with short rest. Worked much better

  16. Marie

    2nd attempt on Games Day Saturday
    7:01 with yellow band