Friday, March 4, 2011


Margaret busting out Double Unders in todays 930am group (Not bad for a 78 year old). If you live in Penrith, check out The Western Weekender Paper. It come out today & theres a write up on the 3 generations (Margaret, Lynne & Courtney) preparing for the upcoming World CrossFit Open. Any regular to CFP knows of my admiration of Margaret & I dont even try & hide that she is not only one of my favourite CrossFitters but also one of my favourite people. Today, I discovered another skill that Margaret has. She can reverse park like a pro. We got plenty of regulars to CFP that cant even get between the lines nose first. Anyone who knows me well, knows my views on a persons ability or "Mostly Inability" to reverse park! Take a bow Margaret, you could be the "Most Rounded" person I know.

WOD #1
25 Double Unders
7 Deadlift 140/100
50 Double Unders
5 Deadlift
75 Double Unders
3 Deadlift
100 Double Unders
1 Deadlift

Compare HERE:

WOD #2
Tabata Push Ups
2 min rest
Run 400m
2 min rest from last person
Tabata Squats
Run 400m

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  1. WOD 1: 10.02 Rx'd

    WOD 2: subbed push ups for sit ups.
    109 sit ups
    1.21 - 400m
    121 Squats
    1.53 - 400m

    Had 2 rest days this week and paid for it during the first WOD. Will reduce this to only one rest during sectionals.

  2. strict pull ups 17(pb),9,6,7,8

    wod1 7.47rxd

    wod2 tabata sit ups 14,400m 1.07
    tabata squats 15,400m 1.21

    happy with wod2. not so happy with wod1, i was slower than last time. the deadlifts felt like a tonne and was battling with du right from the start.

    looking forward to tomorrow, can't wait to smash wednesdays time. haha

  3. Wod 1: scaled 70kg 5:05
    first 3 sets of double unders all unbroken so happy with a pb of 75

    Wod 2: pushups 14, squats 20, (abs 14 done at end of wods)

    400m 1:23 & 1:30

    Well done Mum, 35 single skips all unbroken mid set of dead lift wod. :D Awesome work x

    Adios Amigos

  4. WOD 1-6:14 R'xd
    WOD 2-Subbed Pullups for Pushups
    16,5,8,7,5,4,5,4=54 400m 1.16
    16,16,16,16,14,14,14,14= 120 400m 1.56

    Went hard on the squats and really struggled on the run.

  5. WOD 1
    11:12 70kg
    double unders weren't very good today :(

    WOD 2
    Pushups: 12, 10, 10, ?... 9, 9 (not full ROM due to injury)
    400m: 1:32
    Squats: 17 for each round (not below parallel due to injury)
    400m: 1:35

    Then did physio WOD which takes about 45mins! Fair dinkum!

  6. WOD 1 - got 3 double unders in a row still need a ton of work!

    90kg Deadlifts

    WOD 2 - by the fourth round my push ups went soft

    first 400m run clocked 1min 32sec,

    squats were solid and in the second run i got 1min 54sec.

  7. WOD
    9:30 as RXD
    (last time 9:39 as RXD)

    Tabata pushups
    10 each round

    1st 400m

    Tabata squats
    15 each round

    2nd 400m