Wednesday, March 9, 2011


3 Rounds

21 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps 24/20
12 Back Squats 50/35
(No dumping from back)

You have 12min once you finish the 3 Rounds to:
Run 400m
Find your MAX lift for G2O with Squat through the middle (More than likely will be a Squat Clean)

Record time it takes to complete 3 Rounds + 12min + Successful MAX lift.
This WOD is Scored as 2.
The 3 Rounds + 12min
Successful MAX Lift

The CrossFit Games Open website is now live!


  1. WOD: 11.17 Rx'd

    All back squats unbroken. 1st round pull ups unbroken. The rest were broken. Areas to improve on is transition between pull ups and box jumps.

    G2O: 95kgs. My form was off. Wasn't dropping under the bar quick enough. I had 4 cracks at 100. Very frustrating today.

    Total: 23.17 Rx'd. Aiming up for bigger & better things on Saturday.

  2. I just did a time converter to find out what time it is when the CF Open WODs are released / need to be submitted:

    WOD released at
    Tues 17:00 in LA = Wed 11:00 in Syd (10:00 when daylight savings ends)

    Times need to be submitted by
    Sun 17:00 in LA = Mon 11:00 in Syd (10:00 when daylight savings ends)

  3. WOD Total time 20:21
    G2O 90kg
    Was able to get 95kg through the squat Clean
    But was too slow and just missed under the bar
    Am confident on sat I will get
    Felt slow on the 400 and Squats so I feel there
    is time to be picked up there

  4. wod 7.58rxd
    gto 95kg
    a few areas to improve in both wod and gto. aiming for sub 7.30 and 100kg next time.

    100 pistol squats

    3 sets max muscle ups

  5. WOD 7:13 RXD unbroken
    G20 46kg

    just cant panic i know what lifts and weight i am capable of just got to relax.

  6. WOD 10.01 [22.01]
    G2O 80kg clean and split jerk
    Cleaned @90kg failed the Jerk

  7. WOD RXD unbroken 5:58
    G2O 57.5kg power cleaned and squated 58kg just couldnt get above head in time PB Happy

    Pre Wod rowed 5 x 1" intervals with 30second double unders inbetween

    Adios Amigos

  8. WOD Part 1-19.22 R'xd
    Last 5%? Not today

    Will have another attempt to find it saturday.

    WOD Part 2-80kg. 70,90(F),90(F),80,85(F)


  9. Wod part 1: 20.45.
    Eating more and now feeling better..........
    Wod 2: 75kgs, loving it.Thanks Glenn the coaching was Spot On.
    Looking to improve on pullups and faster cleans..............

  10. 17:40
    In an attempt to keep things moving, only did 15 pullups each round, some of which were unassisted and using the least assistance form bands when required. Back squats were slow, but they were Rxd.
    1 Rm ground to overhead 41kg. Probably had 1 more lift in me but ran out of time.