Friday, March 25, 2011

Numbered Athlete Profile Gabrielle O'Dempsey

No.28 Gabrielle O'Dempsey

Age: 44
Height: 160cm
Weight: 69.3kg
Started CrossFit: Before they had a box in Penrith
Occupation: Public Servant
Status: Married

Annie: 8:09
Jackie: 23:30

Double Unders: 49 in a row
Interval Rows: 5 + 247m
Deadlifts: 90kg
Power Clean: 45kg
Back Squat: 50kg

Max Pull Ups: 2

Favourite WODS: The Bear-Challenging but fun
Least Favourite WODS: Any with a long run (800m or more)

What becoming a Numbered Athlete means to me:

“I would like to become a numbered athlete with CFP”. Just writing that sentence, let alone doing it, means the world to me because it is a concept so far removed from anything I would ever have imagined myself saying. If you had asked me five years ago what my goals were, I could never have imagined my health and attitude being in a place where I could even consider it possible to think of becoming a numbered athlete. I am so proud of the changes that I have made and competing in Crossfit games means pushing and challenging myself even further. And if I am going to compete, doing so with the great team of athletes at CFP to inspire, support and encourage me is the only way to go. I can't wait to look back in five years time and wonder why handstand pushups or rope climbs had seemed so daunting.

So get me that t-shirt and let's get on with it.


  1. OMG Gabbie, This is awesome and well deserved. I don't know many people who try as hard as you do. You certainly have come a long way.
    I haven't known you for very long but I do consider it an honour to know you.

  2. well done gab.
    you are an inspiration to alot of people within the cross fit community.
    you come in day in and day out giving it everything you got.
    and when something gets the better of you
    you get the better of it.
    it is my pleasure and honor to train with you and know you.

  3. Hey Gab looking good !!!. Well done on becoming a numbered athlete, your work ethic and dedication when you are in the box is inspiring . Big Congratulations you well deserve it :D

  4. yeah yeah yeah .............. fantastic Gab I am really excited 4 you!! A BIG FAT CONGRATS ON SUCH GREAT WORK xoxoxooox Cant wait to see u in your shirt

  5. WOoooOOOoOOOO Go GAB!! I always enjoy cheering you on at games days and your attitude and commitment to pushing yourself is awesome!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. What can I say Gabs but you are the best enjoy your company and love to soak up your dedication. I hope its ok but I consider you a great mate Go Me little Gabs

  7. Yiieeoowww awesome work gab!
    You are a very hardworker I love watching u do your thing in wods coz u always give it 100%. Congrats on you number :D

  8. Hey Miss Gab, huge congrats on becoming a numbered athlete. You are such an inspiration. You always give everything your all and it's been great the few times I've been teamed up with you on Saturdays, your awesome!!!
    Go Gab! xx

  9. great work gab, your commitment and dedication is very inspiring and i love when we get paired together cause you make me work that bit harder...
    you are an inspiration to all. CONGRATS GABBY carn't wait to train with you again.xoxo

  10. Gab, you are an absolute legend! Dedication, commitment, determination - you have them all. It was awesome to watch you SMASH that first Open Games workout!!! INSPIRATIONAL. A big high five to you and congratulations Number 28!

  11. I just realised I have never written on your profile. Gab you are not only an absolutlely fabulous person to know you are also a women with enviable determination. In my eyes you deserve to be a numbered athlete a thousand times. I love knowing you.