Monday, March 7, 2011

Rest Day

For those coming in to CFP

Power Clean & Jerk

WOD - 3 Rounds
Full Gasser
18 KB Swings 24/16
9 Hang Power Clean 55/35
6 Push Jerks

4 x 10 T2B OR TTR

Post loads/time to comments


  1. Strength: Split Jerks - 3 sets @ 80kgs. Focused on form not weight.

    WOD: 9.34 Rx'd. Still had plenty left in tank. Want to give our game days a fair crack this week.

    Then, what seemed like a good idea at the time I punched out 12 intervals on the rower.

    Jody, Xena, Dan M - I'm waiting.

  2. power clean & jerk 80,80,80

    wod 8.32rxd

    t2b 3x10strict,3x10kipping

    tabata push up 6
    aiming for 12 but wheels fell off in 6th interval

    big effort on the rower brendan. definately raised the bar. but im laying off the extras the a little this week to freshen up a bit. that is my excuse anyway... and im sticking to it.

  3. power clean and jerk:40,40,40

    wod: 11:45 @30kg

    T2B 2 sets and TTR 2 sets

  4. Strength:
    all @ 40kg its not the weight that im finding hard its the technique.

    WOD: 75-80% just wasnt in the right head space today!
    13:29 rxd

    2 sets T2R, 3 sets T2B.
    practiced kip and strict.

    double under practice at the end of session.
    26,58,69,71,70,68,68,26 i think that was the brake down i cant remember took me a while lol.
    PB as of today is 71 i will be getting a 100 very very soon. :)

  5. Strength; 3 sets at 70kg,
    WOD: 10:01 53kg (Rusty Bar) Pretty happy with this time, focused on spending less time looking at the Bar, more time lifting.
    Practiced DU's again, found out my left wrist has a mind of it's own, decided to go backwards in mid skip, WTF goes on there?

  6. 50,60,80(1)

    WOD: 8:39 RX'd

    T2R 3 sets
    T2B 1 set

  7. Strength: 55kg cleans only today x 3 sets of 3

    Wod: 9:20 @ 35kg did toes to bar instead of jerk

  8. strength 45,50,55 PB

    wod rxd unbroken 8:11

    all T2B unbroken

    Adios Amigos

  9. Physio WOD to start with.

    Power cleans: 45, 47 PB, 47 squat clean PB

    10:51 (I think - forgot to write it down)
    Did Front Squat instead of push jerk
    KB swings weren't full ROM

    1 set T2B, 1 set TTR, then practiced continuous T2B and got a few out! Thanks for the tips Mitch!

    500m row

    Finished physio WOD. Push ups feeling much better - YAY!!!

  10. 9.30 R'xd at CFS. Long Gasser at CFS

    40 TTR 2.30mins
    25 Push ups 1.30mins

  11. Strength:
    Power Cleans 3x3 @ 65kgs.
    WOD: 13:15 RXD.
    I found this weight extremly heavy. Im not sure if it was the strength component or im not up to 55kgs YET. The third rnd killed me.
    I will throw 55 around easier next time.

  12. C&J
    3 @ 80
    3 @ 80
    3 @ 80

    8:35 as RXD

  13. Marie

    3 @ 30kg
    3 @ 35kg
    3 @ 37.5kg

    16:45 as RXD