Sunday, March 20, 2011

Views & Observations From The Open (Week 1)

Well Wednesday morning there was a buzz at CFP as Athletes started to roll in for the anticipated release of WOD 1 from HQ at 11am. As we all now know, due to technical problems that didn't eventuate. WOW what a roller coaster ride that was for you. I had given up all hope that we would do any games WOD that day until Jo Taylor contacted me with "WODs up" So BOOM of we went to CFS for the scheduled "Games WOD"

What an exciting time this is for CFP & CFS, & CrossFit in general. A brand new sport & we are a part of it.. When CFP first started we envisaged CrossFit being a Team sport & anyone who trains at either CFP or CFS knows of our Numbered Athlete program. CFP chose their Team Captain as Veronica Mifsud.
So it was fitting that in heat one at CFS, it was CFPs Team Captain that was in that first heat.. The buzz at CFS was incredible. We had people new to CrossFit as well as CFS & CFP firebreathers all going at it, & our CFP Captain set the bar for what was to be expected. The enthusiasm was something else.
Over the week, we opened up both boxes at different times to our members & seen many examples of people punching above their weight.
Then on Friday I seen something from a Coaches perspective that made me realize why I do this. We had Margaret, our oldest Athlete (78) have a crack for the first time. She turned up with her usual determination but due to elastic waist pants, wrong shoes & wrong strategy she didn't reach her potential (23 DUs)
But what hit home was at end of WOD I looked across & seen Margaret with head in hands & I realized how much this meant to her. Not so much her winning, but wanting to do the best for the Team & she felt like she let her team down. (I even choke up now just thinking about it) Well today we now know that we have an extra week, but we had another hit out anyway. Today we had Lynne go at it again with another strategy that sees her ranked 2nd in the world in her class. And we seen Courtney do better 2nd time around & also Margaret had her second hit out with a much improved score of 1 full round & 1 double under.

The things that stand out for me are, (1) the way CFPs Captain carried herself this week. She set the tone right from the start on what was expected & had a Great Captains Knock (if you were not at CFS ask Dan M)
(2) The comraderry shown between CFP & CFS Athletes
(3) That age is irrelevant when we think of competitiveness or Teamwork.
In closing I could not of expected a better kick off to the season with our Captain leading us in to battle & Margaret closing the show for the week.

(NOTE: Due to CFS being a new affiliate, it does not have a Team Captain as yet) and we hope that the latest proposal of extending competition for a week is re considered.

Please leave comments to your 1st weeks experience.


  1. well what a roller coaster week its been I totally agree and by the end of the 6 weeks I know we will be all physically and mentally worn out from all the events that have happened , but it will be soooooooooo worth it to know that I have been a part of such a fantasitc team of athletes supporters and Coaches. I am proud of my mum and Courtney as I always am , but so proud also of everyone at CFP and CFS , I honestly cant believe how much these games mean to us all, they are the c entre of my world at the moment and it means the world to me to do my best . But I also cant believe how much I feel everyones happiness at their own achievements especially when they have bettered a previous effort. Today I know Jody was a little disappointed with his strategy plan as it didnt quite get him the few extra reps he was aiming for on an already fantastic effort, and I really felt for him too. Its going to be a long and emotional road as we are all in this together, but we are a great team led by a fantastic Head Coach (who reassures me in his usual calm way as always when I need it "Lynne things will be OK"). GO CFP CFS this is just so awesome

  2. Well said HC and also well said Lynne.

    When I had first heard about the new format for The Open, I was sceptical and had a lot of questions, but all of my fears I think were unjustified. The Open started this week and Lynne is so right, what a roller coaster it's been from the technical issues to finding out what the 1st WOD was to those butterflies I felt at CFS just before the 1st Heat started, but as HC has mentioned I have to wholeheartedly agree that the buzz at CFS was incredible, so much so that I'd like my 1st weekly attempt at the WOD to be at CFS.

    Everyone has conducted themselves with nothing but honesty and integrity, no reps were called, no-one was excused for short repping, just the way it should be.

    This next 6/7 weeks and then hopefully beyond that is going to be an emotional roller coaster ride like never before, Game on Team Mates.

    My hopes are that we can all look back on this history making event with 'no regrets' and nothing but pride knowing that we all did our best, together, as a Team.

  3. Well said HC mum and vron :)

    100% agree this current week has been a massive roller coaster. but it all worked out for the better :D

    wish i was there to experience the atmosphere at CFS and cheer all our team mates on. But i havent missed out there are plenty more opportunities to experience such a great atmosphere of COURAGE FEROCITY AND PRIDE. Ive experienced it before which is awesome and i cant wait for this coming wednesday and sunday to experience it again :D
    yiiieoowwwwww CFP CFS :) xxx

  4. Being new to crossfit i got to see not only the heart of the cfs and cfp athletes but a new strategic side to competing... Preparing mentally became the challenge for me, knowing my physical abiity is not where it needs to be in order to be a genuine chance of high rankings, competing with myself and improving from wednesday to friday was my aim, which i did so happy with week one as it stands! Im just glad that i listened to jody and entered the comp, as without his promting and gentle push i would not have considered it... I also owe jody a big thanks for his help over the entire time i have been at cfs, but especially in the last 4 or 5 weeks keeping me accountable to many challenging aspects in my life that have improved out of site!

    Lastly a big congratulations to Nathan and Belinda who became the first numbered athletes for CFS... Love to have been a fly on the wall for the who gets number one conversation, i know how it would have gone down in my house hahaha

  5. I concur with V, well said HC. I wish I was there to feel the vibe, I bet it was amazing. I am so lucky to be apart of an amazing community and especially CFP. Even though I'm somewhere sandy I wish all the athletes the best of luck over the next 6 weeks. I'll be there in spirit doing the WODs here!!

  6. I know exactly how Margaret feels after her first attempt, i feel it today.
    My goal for this years competition is to qualify a team to regionals and then the games. To do this our top 3 males and top 3 females for each week need to score as highly as possible. I feel that 6 + 30+ is achievable for our top 3's. But those scores are not the only ones that matter to me. Inspiration and excitement for me during the open is coming from many different angles. The buzz at CFS on Wed was electric. I loved seeing the comraderie of both boxes. New athletes to the sport. My team mates efforts. People giving a shit about their results and the impact it has on their team.
    This isn't about me, this is about us

  7. As much as it made me sick with nerves, I've really enjoyed this last week.... all of us competing as individuals but as a team at the same time... It's been great. :)

  8. Forgot to add, i love margaret. She's just the.BEST.

  9. Agree with Justine, i was nervous about WOD one but the week has been fun! And having fun and being happy is more important to me then anything.

    I hope week 2/2 brings more of the same.

    Well done everyone.