Thursday, April 7, 2011


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

Squat clean 75/50

Jerk 75/50

WOD #2 (Someone can start with rower & someone on 3 rounder)

A- 3 Rounds

10 SDHP 43/30

15 T2R

20 KB Swings 24/16

B - (Teams of 2)

Cover as much distance on Rower in 9min

Min distance per Team member 500m & Maximum distance 700m

Post rounds etc to comments


  1. for those of you who were not at st marys last night, let me tell you the highlight (for me anyway). jo taylor not only got a pb of 50kg for a clean&jerk. she did it 4 times in 5min... and i think she will get more! she was so excited and i was so happy for her! well done jo


  3. Top work Jo!! Good call Dan M :)

  4. Aw!!!!!! well done Jo so happy for you :D

  5. Awsome work Jo From Tash, Layla and JD

  6. Great Stuff Jo, keep smashing it up!

  7. ohs 60kg

    tabata pull ups

    tabata kb swings 24kg
    8 each round

    tabata ring dips
    5 each round

    tabata sit ups
    12 each round

  8. Well said Dan. Jo definetly was punching above her weight with that WOD. I have been doing PT with Jo for a bit & we worked on "speed under the bar" a while ago. It was great to see it pay off for her last night.
    Another one I wanna mention is young Maddie. She had never lifted or even thought about this weight before. I have been assesing her form & power output for a bit & was happy for her to at least attempt it. BOOM, she not only attempted it but got one out in the warm up.
    She managed 3 in the WOD & its easy to forget she is only 15 at times.
    As a greedy Coach, I hope she doesnt find boys or any distractions till she is at least 25. She is the best CrossFit prospect iv seen.
    Well done Maddie

  9. Well done Maddie, you have come so far I am so glad your Mum decided to Follow me over to Crossfit with you after our PT sessions at FF stopped, as you are a great athlete and have an amazing future in fitness as you are so focused. You and your family are a pleasure to be around :D Great work x

  10. Wow! Thank you so much everyone for these kind words and your support on Wednesday night. I was definitely very excited that night (still am!).

    I'd like to congratulate Maddie too - it was an AMAZING achievement! So glad I was there to see her. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  11. it official... its a 'pb'-athon.