Friday, April 8, 2011


WOD Run CFP 200m 21 PullUps 21 KTE (Bar or Rings) 21 KB G2O 20/12 Run CFP 200m 18 PullUps 18 KTE 18 KB G2O Run CFP 200m 15 PullUps 15 KTE 15 KB G2O Run CFP 200m 12 PullUps 12 KTE 12 KB G20


  1. Wod
    ring dips instead of pull ups
    K2E on rings
    scaled bell up to 16kg


    Giving Games WOD 3 another crack tomorrow

  2. 26:29 as rxd

    Taped my hands up, but wasn't able to grip the bar properly, so ended up hanging on by my fingers. Plus, my forearms were pretty sore from yesterday's WOD, so only did about 3 reps at a time.

  3. WOD 28:00

    scaled down reps 18/15/12/9
    did all the runs without walking
    PU Blue+yellow band
    KB 12kg for first and last sets, 8kg for middle 2 sets
    KTE as high as I could