Friday, February 24, 2012

Numbered Athlete Profile-Dan Martin

Team Captain 
No.30: Dan Martin
Age: 30
Height: 184cm
Weight: 84kg
Occupation: Electrician
Status: Married
Started CrossFit: Sep 2010




Clean: 120kg
Jerk: 120kg
Snatch: 93kg
Deadlift: 208kg
Press: 82.5kg
Squat: 164kg
Weighted Pullup: 40kg
1.6km Run: 5.07
500m Row: 1.21
Max Muscle Ups 9
Pullups: 42
HSPU: 23

Favourite WODS: Ones that combine an Olympic Lift, Gymnastics Movement, and a run for time.

Least Favourite WODS: Long Amraps

Fun Fact: I invented a coffee, which is a long black with a shot of pouring cream on the side. It is still un-named, any ideas?


  1. Congratulations Dan on becoming a numbered athlete. Your commitment is evident in how focused you are when you train. Great to see you make it to the Regionals too.

  2. Dan ur a machine an awesome athlete. Glad to be competing with you :D

  3. The quiet achiever.. He started Crossfit to get back in shape. I remember seeing a "rawness" to him & quietly chatted to him about how CrossFit is a sport for some people & we (CFP) attend the odd "Games day".
    He informed me that he couldn't make any of them as he works most weekends.. I thought to myself "If he keeps improving like he has, that id pay him a sundays wage myself just to get him to represent CFP" He hasn't
    hit the "Awesome" category just yet,but he'sdefinetly hooked! A really good team man & great guy.
    Congratulations Dan

  4. Top athlete and top person :)

    Congrats Dan M!!

  5. You take the trifecta big fella for not only being a gun athlete and top person but also being a seinfield fan.

  6. Jen Never Old ChookJune 4, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    Congrats Dan !!

    I totally agree with Tysha Top athlete and a total gentleman

  7. Well done I remember your 1st session..... You were saying u needed to get back into shape and I remember thinking OMG what will he be like then.. to me u were always in SHAPE!!! U r amazing to watch BIG CONGRATS NO:30

  8. Congrats Mate. Top Dog 2, Sectionals & Regionals..... 3 Impressive Achievements!! Dude the Hunger is there, keep on going the way you are and I'm sure the name Dan Martin will be household to the CrossFit Elite.

  9. There was a bit of talk about "Country Dan" in your first few months at the box, deciding on when to hit you with competing and eventually as a possibility for the Regionals Team. Whenever competing was mentioned you mostly seemed not interested, but HC knew to just wait, wait till you got hooked, and woot woot, it happened.

    Congratulations on your number Dan M, I really like having you there at the 9.30 classes, you inspire us all to keep moving and want more for ourselves.

    Well done on being part of the 2011 Regionals Team, now all we need is to see you in those Speedo's and Puffy Shirt......or maybe we don't.

  10. Dan, You are truly a dedicated athlete, mentally and physically so strong. Your achievements in Top Dog, Sectionals and Regionals have been awesome. I love being in the same sessions as you , you are a great guy. Congratulations !!

  11. thanks for all the nice comments. crossfit is a great sport, but for me it wouldn't quite be the same without cfp and the people who make it up. the road to 2012 has begun but for now lets fire up lynne on her way to a podium finish at 'the games' 2011.

  12. Wow Dan, I never knew you had been doing crossfit for such a relatively short time. You have achieved so much. well done, and all the best for 2012 competitions.

  13. Hey spider!!! I havent been at the box long But what I have already noticed each time Ive trained along side you is the encouragement you give to everyone around you :) couldnt think of a better person to lead the cfp team through the opens!!