Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Deadlift - Deload Week
1 Arm - 1 Leg Deadlift - Use KB or D/Bell
(Work to 5reps each arm & alternate between same arm, same leg & opposites)
Double the weight & Perform Tabata Deadlifts

Conditioning WOD Work - Rest
Every 3min perform

10 Front Squat (Unbroken)
Bear Crawl Agility
10 Box Jumps (Alternate Heights) 30+26/24+20
5-10-15-10 Shuttle

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  1. Deads: 24kgs. Had about a dozen attempts on bosso ball without weight. Only two were successful.

    Tabata: 12,12,13,12,12,13 = 74 with 2 x 24kg

    WOD Rxd with big punching bag.

    Good to see more people joining the 1st graders at 6am.

  2. only mastered dl on right leg couldnt manage left (not enough strength in left) did 16kb x1 then 2 for tabata did (7) every round
    WOD:(sc) ohs dowell did wiggly ball instead if box jumps.. we get so involved in our little 930 world its been nice to step out of my comfort class!!!! theres a great crew at 6am aswell :)

  3. Strength - worked up to sets of five @ 32kg
    Tabata - 11 @ 28kg
    WOD with med ball

  4. Jumped in for 3 rounds with the night owls & used small punching bag