Thursday, September 15, 2011


Jude toughing it out in last nights Bear Crawl/Tyre Flip Finisher. Over the course of a week i get to Coach all the time slots & the buzz in the Box has been Great. Its hardly felt like work.
Thank You.

20 Power Snatches + 3 Split Jerks + 30 sec. Plank Hold

15 Power Snatches + 5 Split Jerks + 40 sec. Plank Hold

10 Power Snatches + 7 Split Jerks + 50 sec. Plank Hold

5 Power Snatches + 9 Split Jerks + 60 sec. Plank Hold

*Use DB or KB & reps are to be performed on each arm.


  1. WOD felt good today. Really enjoyed the session.
    WOD RxD 12:28 unbroken sets. P Snatch 16kg KB, Split J 22kg D Bell. Used a lighter weight today to focus on form and active recovery for back injury. Seemed to work just fine. Thanks for the advice Glenn.

  2. Power Snatch @ 24kgs
    Split Jerk right arm @ 32kgs
    Split Jerk left arm @ 24kgs

    WOD: 26.26

    A bit tougher than I thought it would, especially coming into the back end of the wod.

  3. WOD untimed....
    round 1 - 10kg DB
    round 2 - 10kg DB
    round 3 - 5 PS @ 12kg KB, 5 @ 8kg KB, SJ 12kg KB
    round 4 - 8kg KB

    finisher 100 situps Tabata - took 14 rounds to get.

  4. Made up the numbers in a team of 4 at CFS tonight with Browney, Brian & Brett. Old boys vs the Youngies, Rookie, Braydon, Mel R and Rowan.

    Tough but enjoyable after one of the worst starts to a day in a long while.