Friday, September 16, 2011


Clean Complex
10min to warm up then Perform On the Minute for 7min, starting with 1 cycle the first minute, then 2 the next & so on. Restart from 1 again if you have any incomplete rounds.
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Hang Squat Clean 60/43

Partner Up
Run 400m
Perform Max Rep Pullups
NOTE: First person from run can start pullups straight away but must be still on bar when partner completes run. Once both partners have completed the run you must get on the bar. Both can do pullups at same time.

See where it all began

Push Ups 20-19-18-17-16-15……….4 – 3 -2 -1
Sit Ups 1 - 2 – 3 – 4 -5 – 6……….17-18-19-20


  1. Clean Complex Completed round 5
    Then Started at round 1 again
    400 Run 1:13
    Pullups 23
    got to 3 push ups 19 sit ups, started 2 pushups
    and timed out

  2. Clean Complex: Only 4 rounds complete before dropping bar @ 63kgs. In hindsight I should scaled weight.

    400m : 1.29, Pullups: 25. (For some unknown reason, my grip strength was r.s. this morning. I wasn't happy with this result).

    And as usual when I play blackjack, the house won again. DNF - 5/16

  3. Clean complex up to round 3 @ 46kg , repeated
    last 3 rounds at 3 reps each, for form skills @31kg.
    Run 1:50 equal PB, but still needs HEAPS of work. 22 pullups (blue band). May have stopped with 2 or 3 in the tank due to blisters.
    Only played Blackjack for 18 min as had to go to work. Finished up to 9 pushups, 12 situps.
    First round 20 unbroken pushup, second round 10, then 9. All other ronds 4 then 3 reps strategy, alternating. Situps all sets unbroken.

  4. Trained with a couple of youth at CFS today
    Clean Complex.
    Got to 5 rounds

    Ran a 1.21 400m & 6 Pullups

    BlackJack DNF 9 Pushups & 12 sit ups to go

    Where it all began
    BlackJack was the first CrossFit Style workout i ever did and have been doing them ever since.
    When Glenn first started posting workouts on his gmpersonaltraining blog so that his bootcampers could have something to do daily, an extra service he didn't have to provide but did he said that no matter how much he encouraged them to do extra and jump on the blog he just wasn't being heard. Well i heard him and i wanted to support him, and i am forever grateful now that I did. Cause what i found on the blog that day was much more then a workout blackjack. Reflecting today i found new team mates at what evolved from gmpersonaltraining, to lifeis crossfit to CFP. And i found new team values to train by, Courage Ferocity & Pride.

  5. WOD 19:11 Rxd
    I was itching to do this one today & almost joined in the 6pm session. But thought I'd stick with the "Where it all began" theme & done this one in my shed. Some of my best & worst ideas have come out of that shed & 1 or 2 engineering masterpieces lol.
    Reflecting on the first time I did this WOD to now. I'm a better Athlete (Marginal) I'm a much better Coach, even my circle of friends are better & that's because of the environment at CFP. I'm still a bit WOD drunk

  6. Blackjack - DNF, out of time with 13 sit ups to go.
    Clean complex completed to round 4 @ 43kg

    400 - 1.13 & 7 supine ring pull ups

  7. Str 25 kg, made it to 5 reps before running out of time
    Wod DNF - completed 5 pushups
    (Though, it is debatable as hard to believe I kept up with JDR)

  8. Iv seen your sit-ups Gab & Im not surprised at all

  9. I scaled 10-1:

    Run: 1.31min+10 Pullups