Monday, September 19, 2011


D/Bell or K/Bell Strict Press
3 x 10 + 30sec Handstand holds straight after every set

1min on 1min off for 5 rounds
10 KB Front Squat + 5 MAX Height Box Jump
*Pick a weight that you can do the 10 Front Squats within 30sec

WOD - 10min limit
(Once you start your 1st Deadlift you can't drop bar till your last HPC or start round again)
5 Deadlift + 4 Hang Power Clean 70/50
15 TTB
4 Deadlift + 3 Hang Power Clean
12 KTE
3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Clean

(It's no Typo. The middle gymnastic round is KTE so stay focused when your approaching the bar)


  1. Strict Press: 45lb Dumbell
    Front Squat: 2 x 24kg KB.
    Box Jump: 30 inch, last round 30"+20kg plate

    WOD: 3.36 Rx'd.

  2. Strict press 35lb cumbells, 30 sec holds
    Squat - 32kg bell, 30" box + one plate, then two plates then three
    WOD - 4.46 @ 60 kg
    awesome wod today, really enjoyed it

  3. Strict Press 16kg KB
    Front Squat 2 x 24kg & 30inch with 2 x 20kgs

    WOD-4mins R'xd

  4. Strength
    Strict Press : 8kg Dumbells. Took me a while to get the 2nd and 3rd handstands but got there in the end.
    Front squat: 10kg Dumbells and box jumped 20" box with 20kg plate ( so close to 24" but confidence just got worse and worse with each jump. Must suck it up next time and just use the 24")

    WOD: 7,18
    Toes and knees no where near where they should have been.

  5. Used dumbbells 2x10kg, 2 x12kg, 2 x 14kg
    Front squat 2 x 16kg dumbbells
    WOD 4mins with 47.5kg
    5km in 21:10
    Hovers and palms to elbows
    Adios amigos

  6. Strict Press:
    1st Round @ 2x12kg KB
    2nd Round @ 2x12kg KB
    3rd Round @ 2 x 10kg DB

    On the Minute:
    Used 16kg KB (Left Arm) 20kg KB (Right Arm)
    26" Box

    4.50min @ 47kg