Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Snatch Complex use 50% of Squat Snatch true 1rm
10min to warm up
1min on - 1min rest For 5 working rounds, focus on SPEED through the middle
Power Snatch + 2 Hang Power Snatch + 3 OHS
(No dropping bar during complex, but can stop & re grip after last OHS into 2nd rnd)

With a continual running clock
In 3 min run 400m + Max Reps Pullups
Rest 1min
3 Rnds (8min cap)
8 HPS 43/30
16 KB Swings
5-10-15-10 Shuttle
12 min mark
In 3min run 400m + Max Rope Ascents

(If you dont complete the 3 rounder within 8min, simply record your reps & start the 400m run)

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  1. Complex: 35kgs
    400m: 1.45
    Pullups: 30

    WOD: 6mins even Rx'd

    400m: 2.15 (don't know what happen there)
    Ascents: 2

  2. Jamo out & back (400) 1:35
    At 3min (7 M/U)
    2min rest
    5 Burpee (15cm jump n touch) on shed
    10 pushups
    15 Squats 
    20 TTR
    5-10-15 shuttle


  3. used the 6kg bar so I could ohs
    10 pullups red band i/2 a rope climb... busy morning and forgot shoes, just had my slippers on and had no grip just slid straight down the rope loved the wod ... where were u amanda???? and wheres all the boys have we scared u away????? Alex was right it is a little like fernwood on mon and tues (except more hard core) lol

  4. Complex 35kg 2 Rounds every min
    400m 1.35 26 Pullups
    WOD 5.53 R'xd
    400m 1.30 3 Rope Ascents
    XX for time

  5. Strength
    Snatch Complex 15;12;15;12;15
    9 each round


    400m 2;15
    Max Reps Pullups 10 red band

    3 Rnds (8min cap)
    8 HPS 15kg
    16 KB Swings 12kg kb
    5-10-15-10 Shuttle

    400m 2:20
    2 rope scaled lowering thing

  6. WOD:
    400m Run: 1.30+21 Pullups
    WOD 7.20min Rxd
    400m Run 1.40+1 Rope Ascent