Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6am Vs 9:30am Vs PM, CFP & CFS

1 @85% - 1 @90% - 1+ @95%

WOD - 4 Rounds
5 C2B Pullups
10 Pullups
5 Goblet Squats 24/16
15 KB Swings 24/16
5 Goblet Squats

In last Half hour of session group does AMRAP of 10m Bear Crawl with Growler. Use average body weight of who ever attends.


  1. Thank you to all my team-mates at CFP for your encouagement and friendly rivalries, which reallly makes my Crossfit experience fun and rewarding. I couldnt think of a nicer group of people to lab rat with. Jody and Glenn, your support, encouragement and coaching have been outstanding and keeps me coming back foir more punishment. a big thank you. I feel fitter and healthier than I have in maybe, 25 years.
    Thank you to Jen who reminded me that age is only a number and that you are as young as you feel.
    I missed the training today as I had a day off as a gift to myself as I turn 50 today. I certainly dont feel it (until after the WOD anyway).
    I gave myself a birthday present WOD today.

    Catch up on a strength from yesterday:
    Squat clean: 47kg x3, 51kg x3, 55kg x4

    3 Rope ascents unbroken and rope skills

    WOD (Filthy Fifty....what else coiuld I do?)
    47:45 (aimed to do under 50 minutes).
    50 Box Jumps 10@ 24", 40 @ 20" lest I go A over T
    50 Jumping Pullups rxd 10 + 8x5
    50 KB swings 1 Pood, rxd 16kg 25,15,10
    50 Lunges rxd 20.20.10
    50 K2E's 10 rxd, 4 x10 at about 80% range of
    50 Push Press 23kg rxd 20,20,10
    50 Back Extensions ..Sub for Dead lift @ 50kg
    50 Wall Balls 9kg increased rxd from 11 to 12 feet and scaled to 6kg as 9kg HARD medicine ball is too hard to catch faling from 12 feet!!!!
    50 Burpees rxd (SOB)
    50 DU's (suck at these so allowed 150 second continuous skip), 20 DU + 170 single skips.

    Fun workout, especially outside in the fresh air.
    Willy wagtail followed me about in the WOD, made my day.
    See you tomorrow>

  2. Deads: 160kgs, 170kgs, 180kgs(4)

    WOD: 19.27 Rx'd

    Happy Birthday John.


  3. Nightshift this week, gives me a chance to WOD with the LabRats and after a crappy night, the workout was just what I needed.
    Deadlifts: 140,145,150(3)kg
    WOD 18:34 (includes bear crawls)

    Happy Birthday John, See ya tomorrow for your Burfday Burpees

  4. Strength : Goal to find new 1rm
    95 x 1 , 100, x1, 101kg x 1 PB

    Wod 10:23
    subbed 10 pullups for reverse pulls
    scaled goblets no release on the catch

    3 x 16 TTR

    7km 29:25

    Adios Amigos

  5. Strength:
    Deadlift 1 @ 80kg, 1 @ 90kg and 8 @ 95kg

    Had a massive cry half way through the work out Im not sure why, well it was bloody hard and i was only half way thru and I was stuffed im sure thats why, didnt like it one bit but pulled myself together and got on with it finished in 21mins something. Thanks for your support Kylie,Carolyn and V .

    Thanks for kicking my ass Crossfit!! C u thurs lol


  6. deadlifts:63,67,70(5)
    WOD:(SC)16:43 used red/orange for ctb just red for pu 12kg gs(ish) and kb did a few growlers love them. Happy Bday John xoxoxo and well done Amanda been there done that "OFTEN" lol xoxo

  7. And it's guys like you John that I am proud to train with.
    Deads 153,164,174(2),160(3)

  8. Happy birthday John, keep up that awesome attitude to life !

    Scaled helen 3x (250ish run, 21kb @24kg, 10 pullup) 8.53

    Strength - 110,117,123 (7)
    WOD - 19.57 rxd but only 1 growler during WOD, hands took a beating today and tore in 2nd round, limped my way through the rest with a finger-tip grip

  9. DeadLift:
    1 @ 92kg
    1 @ 98kg
    7 @ 102kg

    WOD @ St Mary's: 14.14 Rxd
    No Grower runs in the WOD, but lots after.