Saturday, September 17, 2011

7am "Catch Up Session" or 10:30am Team Training

I'm yet to see any children that find themselves at CFP or I see as passengers in cars that drive past slowly on their way to other units not have that look of "wow, I wanna go inside" I wonder if 20 treadmills lined up & machines in the land of Globo land get a kid curious?
I believe having children witness (in a safe environment) their parents train sets them in the right direction for later in life. From what iv witnessed here at CFP, the children of all the clients I train see the gym as a place to look foreword to attending & not a necessary distraction to their week.


  1. 7am training - couldn't make team training.
    Completed mini Eva with a twist used a 32 KB and each round was work rest.

    Rd 1: 400m (1.30), wod (1.12) = 2.42
    Rd 2: 400m (1.36), wod (1.14) = 2.44
    Rd 3: 400m (1.51), wod (1.41) = 3.32
    next two rounds were back to back
    Rd 4: 400m (1.41), wod (1.44) = 3.35
    Rd 5: 400m (1.55), wod (1.51) = 3.42

    This looks confusing but makes sense to me.

  2. My kids love coming to cfp. Whether it be to train with Glenn or to watch mum.

  3. absolutely Glenn!!!!!!!!!!!! my kids love it and will often boast to the other if one scams day off school "I went to the box today and I got to play on the rings and it was the best wod ever" lol a great place to be for them and me :)

  4. I didn't see this till now. I absolutely agree. My kids are always raring to get out of the foyer and into the box. They know they are not allowed out until everyone has finished working and it's safe. Then BAM! They're out like a flash. They talk about it and practice at home.
    Jireh said to me, "how old is Lynne?" I guessed, "about 45" he said, "when I'm 45, I'm going to be STRONGEr than LYNNE!"
    I absolutely treasure CFP in my life. As a single mum who home schools, I would not be able to train at all if not for CFP.
    Thank you Glenn, Jody and Veronica for providing a welcoming environment for me and my children. Words cannot express what this means in my life.