Sunday, September 25, 2011


I often get asked how do I come up with some of the WODs or occasionally someone might even ask "So do you ever train? Iv never seen you"
So here's some answers; whilst I'm not claiming to have come up with the pushup (although I am claiming Toes Through Rings) I do experiment with combinations of elements from time to time. I have an outline for the month & depending where we are at with Athletic development, I decide which movements & metabolic pathways I want to hit & that's a simplified way of how I factor what WODs to do.
So do I ever train? I actually get this a bit.
When we started the Box & the Games days started to really take on I made the decision to focus 100% on Coaching (I'm a far better Coach than Athlete anyway) but I have observed other Coaches that owned other boxes try & juggle the 2 (Coach/Athlete) & felt both left wanting at times.
Whilst at some boxes the Coach will jump in on the session (& in 2 years iv even done this myself on 3 or 4 occasions when a small group of experienced Athletes have made up the session)
I generally do my own training throughout the day in between classes.
I thought I'd post this vid of me playing silly buggers.


  1. I could see the bear crawl/ vertical Situps as a team event, done simultaneously.

  2. Haha yeah, I thought of that Browny. At this stage the Team could only consist of me, Jack & Jake.

  3. Loved that Glenn..thanks.

  4. That was good to watch :)

  5. So this is what one does alone at the box.
    Nothing like what the person was doing one Thursday evening in one of the other units !!
    Your door was totally unlocked and open.

    Is there an advanced level to that wod.

  6. pretty cool !!the sit ups on the bag are pretty crazy, got to have a crack at that...

  7. Cool...thanks for sharing, that is something I have occasionally wondered about.