Thursday, September 1, 2011

Speed & Power

Team Transport

1 X 800m
Rest 2min
1 X 400m

30m Growler Pull
Return Growler Push

3 D/Bell G20/Arm + 3 Pushups

*One person does Growler & Other does D/Bell AMRAP


  1. Great work out today. Big thank you to Glen for choosing the "fresh air CFB box " annex and sorting a great cardio session.
    800m (always my weak link, bloody running) 4:24
    1/2 distance (really gassed from 800m) 3:13
    Growler fun, with 35lb dumbell.
    Really sweated today.

  2. Was a token lab rat today didnt record any times BUT ditto John's comment Thanks Glenn was really fun... Made getting to the 6am really worth the trip :)

  3. Did Pt with Glenn today. The growler and I are not great friends. I am not sure how this is to be described as FUN ?
    BMAN Brenden