Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3
*Work to a heavy medium

(B) 3 Rnds
25 Wall-balls 9/6kg (11/9ft)
25 Hang Squat Snatch 38/25kg


  1. strength 70,70,70 last set felt really good

    wod 13.14 @ 40kg didn't push it too hard today, want to keep the tank full for thursday

    split jerk practice up to 100kg then back to 60kg. learnt 'the old dowell in the middle of the platform trick' from hc. haha

  2. Snatch balance work up to 40kg

    WOD @ 26kg 14:42
    1st round unbroken

    Adios Amigos

  3. Strength-65-65-65

    WOD@35kg unitmed. Focused on max unbroken reps at start of sets of 25
    Wallballs 25,25,25 all unbroken
    Snatch 10,10,10 Shoulders were done at 10 on the first set and just tried to hang on last 2 rounds.

    Really love the hang squat snatch, challenges so many aspects within the 1 movement.

    Just checked the numbers for the opens and we have 31 aligned with CFP but only 21 on the team. If you haven't joined the CFP team yet jump on your profile and hit join a team.

  4. Strength 25 30 31 tried 32.5 F
    wod Rxd 27.23 very heavy but wasnt giving in