Sunday, February 5, 2012


We are pretty cruisey here at CFP but I was up late last night laughing my ass off at this site & thought id share. Have a read here Beastmodal Domains

(A) Back Squat 5-5-5

(B) 10min AMRAP of
6 Hang Power Snatch 50/35
9 KB Swing 32/24
NOTE; Each round the ladder will increase by 3 reps, ie; Rnd1=3,6,9 Rnd2=6,9,12 Rnd3=9,12,15 etc


  1. Snatch 41kg
    Snatch Balance 43.5kg PB
    PHS 55kg

    @ 30kg HPS 24kg KB Parralette HSPU


    Hollowrock/hover 8" tabata

    Adios Amogos

  2. Should of read OHS and Amigos LOL

  3. Hey Coach Beastmodal is piss funny.
    Here's another guy who write's similar, on this blog site.

  4. Had a pretty good training session today.
    Strength: 3 x 5@120kg. I was going to count my 2 sets of 5 @ 110kg, but Jody announced that they all had to be at the same weight, and as I'd just done the 120kg that was my first set.
    WOD: 2 RNDs + 4HSPU. Did RXD weights, only kipped the HSPU.

  5. We must be living parallel lives, I was giggling at beast modal over the weekend....

    45, 50 (F), 47.5
    Glad to have the fail there, I normally bump the weight up too conservatively which takes too long, and then I run out of time. This means I often end up thinking I could maybe have done more.

    Scaled HSPU red band, 20kg PS
    3 rounds even.....with 3 extra PS in the last round because I forgot how to count.

    Loving the mobility work before the WOD.

  6. WOD-3 Rounds + 8HSPU R'xd

    TGU-40kg Bar only on the Right side.

  7. Coaching Day in Day out I'm fortunate enough to witness heaps of inspiring & character building things from the Team at CFP. But id like to highlight a few & give a "shout out" in no particular order.
    (1)Iv been real excited in watching Keiren's progress of recent time. For those that dont know or cant place her, she is the "Hippy" chick with a tribe of kids in tow. Keiren mostly attends the 9:30am. At different stages with anyone new to CrossFit, something CLICK's & you can actually see the new path within. You only have to scroll through the archive & read her comments to realise she is speaking a new language & quiet fluent in it also. What impresses me most when im watching my Daily FIX of Athlete watching isn't so much how awesomely awesome the Athletes are (& we have plenty of Awesomeness at CFP) but witnessing the individual growth from them. Keiren couldnt get her shit together at CFP when she first started, always late, never remembered the names of the movements. Fast foreword the tape & whilst I don't know the ins & outs of her life, I do know that she has plenty on her plate & is in a better position to take on life's challenges having CFP as a platform. Ill state now, As far as I am concerned, Keiren officially has her shit together at CFP. (Ok,she is still late to the odd session) Relax, she is a Hippy.
    Next 2 are short but no less sincere
    (2)Vron. As an Athlete always questions the "Why's & How's" & never afraid to put her view across which I find great. But has never questioned my motives as her Coach if on the odd occasion my answer is "Just Cos" which has only happened a couple times in the years i have coached her. Sometimes as a Coach your intuitive side kicks in (prob like that of anyone that has kids of any age id imagine?) So when I say to her don't continue with the WOD Games 21-15-9 after week 4 cos its not assisting your Prep for the CrossFit Open, she trusts my motives & intuition for that. That's after a pretty heated debate that is lol. Our biggest social event of the year "EVA" comes around & being the social butterfly that I am didn't prioritise napkins, extra toilet paper, Ice, actually pretty much everything other than MEAT! So im in a spin freaking out on inside & decide to 3-2-1 GO the WOD to get some thinking time & didnt even see Vron leave earlier where she sacrificed the WOD to cover my ass & still managed to get in some toxic row intervals. As owners of CFP both Jody & I get credited with some humbling stuff at times but theres a lot of links in the chain that make it all possible & Vron is one of Many. So thanks.
    (3) Last but not least my ol Faithful Jen. How good are you going lately.. Our most recent Competition Athlete Winner but I want to thank you Jen for bringing some FUN into my Coaching. Sometimes we can take ourselves a bit too serious & need it pointing out by whatever means. I haven't got any revetting or warm n gooey reasons i wish to share about Jen. Just COS!
    So much for the next 2 will be short lol. I could go on all night about the individuals who have made no less an impact on me but just wanted to mention these for now.

  8. Aaaaaaaww feeling the love. Thank you so much. You do not know how big a difference you and everyone at CFP have made in my life. Yes I have been through a lot of shit the last year or so, and I have new mental and physical strength in dealing with it and healing from it. Thank you also for welcoming my tribe, there is no way I could have done this if I had to find babysitting etc. And they love their play time at the end.
    And totally agree on the legend status of Vron and Jen.
    Girl power :-)

  9. Kylie rush the stalker black n gold never foldFebruary 13, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    Well said Glenn xoxox

  10. Wow thank you Glenn you know me and tech knowlegey dont get on it very often ( spell it less). As the opens looms down on us all,my 9 voices are chatting away in my head Glenn's 9 voices are setting mine straight that what an amazing coach does.Thanks boss. Yeah we have come a long way from the back alley of fitness first.I'll never be a hot potato but its good to be an ok spud.