Wednesday, February 8, 2012


A: For Time
Run 800 meters in 3:30/4:00 or less
Rest 90 seconds
B: For time: "Unbroken"
30 Squat Clean & Jerk 60/40
Rest 90 seconds
C: For time: 21-15-9
Wall Ball
C2B Pull-Up/Pull-Up
Finish in 7:00 or less
Rest 90 seconds
D: For time:
For every second over limit in part "A" perform one burpee
For every time "Resting" the bar in part "B" perform 5 thrusters
For every second over 7:00 in part "C" perform one C2B jumping pull-up

***You can dump bar in part (B) & reset for next lift (JUST NO RESTING)


  1. i just met pukie reading that...

  2. Fuuuuuuu........... From someone who doesn't swear much.

    This was a killer. And I may have tried to organize a gang midWOD to hunt down HC but now the endorphins have kicked in all is forgiven.

    A) 3:30 happy with that
    B) 20kg unbroken
    C) 7:42 and in keeping with the hippy theme I used every colour of pull up bands, it was a rainbow up there aaaaaah. First 21 WBs with 6kg, rest with 4kg. I had to keep scaling and scaling, and still 42s over.

    Total time 23:30 including my punishment 42 jumping pull ups.

    Tomorrow is rest day. Phew.

  3. This WOD was worthy of creating an account and posting something for the first time. I don't even know if I'm doing this right but one thing I know is this hurt!
    A) 3:03
    B) 40kgs unbroken, which took me to 12:25 (it all got ugly from here)
    C) After a whole bunch of scaling and bit more scaling and 142 jump pull ups later I completed the workout. I can't remember the overall time but you get the point.

  4. 800m 3 mins even

    40kg x 30 squat clean and PJ unbroken
    (no way did I want any 40kg thruster penalties)
    time taken 6:48

    21,15,9 unbroken
    time taken 3:53

    Total wod time 16:41 including rests

    Adios Amigos

    Great effort by the Sunshiners this manana :D

  5. Partnered up with Carla at CfS tonight.
    (B) 7mins @ 60kg (25reps Failed)
    (C) 5:45 doing sit-up/wallball & chinup
    (A) 7mins 1.5km aiming for 1.6km

    Had to modify the WOD a little at CFS.

  6. WOD
    A: 3.12
    B: 1 rest - so 5 thruster penalty
    C: 8 mins

  7. Ok So I went too soft on this - Punishement for me is shame ( no jumping pullups ) for my shame I counted every jumping pull up of Keshas and felt his pain and mine for knowing I should have been doing them as well.
    Mediocrity can hurt just as much as pride can punish you.