Monday, February 13, 2012

Becoming a Numbered Athlete

What an exciting 3 years it's been to see CrossFit grow as a legitimate Sport, only 3 years ago the CrossFit Games were held at a Ranch out in the middle of nowhere.  I can remember at the opening of CFP everyone staying back to watch Every Second Counts, exciting times ahead, we all sensed it.  Right from the onset we wanted to create a team environment and for everyone to feel at home, and that was the birth of CFP's Numbered Athlete.  We were the 1st in the world to have the Numbered Athlete format, CrossFit HQ even had us profiled.

At the time eligibility was you had to compete in 3 competitions, keeping in mind that at that time there were only about 3 competitions per year. Fast foreword to now &  there's competitions  at least every month it seems.   Along the way we've tweaked the process a bit here & there, however with the sport growing so fast, the need to evolve the process is needed &with collaboration from our current Numbered Athletes some key points were highlighted.
The value & integrity of the Number to remain a priority & that to remain a Numbered Athlete they need to be consistently active.
Here's a quick overview  of what the Team come up with (ill update the How it works link in full detail soon) 3 Games days/Competitions & an Athlete is eligible for a CFP Athlete shirt (Black shirt, no number) 
After a further 6-9mths (exact time to be finalised) a formal application can be submitted outlining what being a Numbered Athlete would mean to you. We now have included all the current Numbered Athletes at that time to review the application & give any feedback required where a Team decision will be made on the success of the application.
The Team also decided In order to remain a Numbered Athlete you must maintain a consistent level of activity at CFP. 
This is a very brief rundown of the updated requirements & with the official CrossFit season about to kick off in a week its perfect timing to announce the new format.  

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