Thursday, February 16, 2012

Game Day

CrossFit Games WOD 11:2 (Modified)
15min AMRAP

9 Deadlift - 70/45
12 Push-ups (Hand release)
15 Box jump, 24″/20″ (Step down)


  1. 9 + 13 Rx'd

    One round better than last year, with enough left in reserve if I had to up the tempo. Very happy with my transitions.

  2. 6 + 6 Rxd
    First time doing the WOD
    Happy with deads and pushups not happy with missed reps on box jumps im sure I could have got 7 rnds out if not for fucking up the alot of box jumps

  3. I loved this mornings work out! Great to compare from a year ago... I didnt finish wod 11.2 last year cause the deads were to heavy and it was hurting my back!!! Then today I felt great with the weight and got out 9+12... Think I recorded it at the box as 8+12 when I was WOD drunk and then as I was driving home I realised I had finished 8 and got strated on 9... cant wait til tomorrow!!!! Brendan you were killing those push ups!! I had to break them into 6's!

  4. WOD rxd unbroken 10 + 29
    Adios amigos
    Good working with Dan the Man today

  5. First time for blogging! I got 9+22. I'm happy with that. Will have to check my score from last year :) Lisa