Sunday, February 26, 2012

Staying Sharp

Workout 1 is behind us & that roller coaster we are on will be a different ride for all of us. Some of you are still (clunk, clunk, clunking up that 1st hill) & others are screaming down the other side, & we have a little over 4 weeks left.
This post won't be a micro managed, step by step blueprint on what to do. It's a general overview which will give you some options to suit you. For most it will be confirmation that your on track.
Everyone recovers differently & everyones skill level is different which impacts the movements they do during the week. However let's deal with the known & the things that are the same for every individual at CFP.
**We all get the opportunity at 12pm on Thursday's to see what the workout is & I STRONGLY recommend viewing the attached video of the movement standards. everyone has 96 hours to submit & have their results validated. Ok so they are the constants.. Last years Games winners & every Team member at CFP have that opportunity, so TAKE IT!
So now on to three key areas to focus on. To keep this post as Uncomplicated as possible they are In no order of priority.
Stress, Fatigue & Fuel
(1) STRESS; We all deal with it differently & we all have different shit going on in our life, so I'm talking about "CrossFit" stress. Ways to minimise it are: Be organised! If possible view workout standard before you come in to one of the scheduled "Open" timeslots. Know the Standards. If you don't know, don't have, or Anything.. Come & ask one of the Coaches. Ring me, do whatever. If your stress is anything to do with the CrossFit Open & I mean ANYTHING check it with a Coach. As Coaches, we have many ways of getting Rid of it.
(2) Fatigue; Same as above, everyone has different jobs, lifestyles etc so this will be regarding "CrossFit" fatigue.
We learnt from last year the importance of strategy & qualifying. It was counter productive in a lot of cases to do workouts multiple times. This year depending on workout, but semi to complex workouts we will offer a "strategy" timeslot & a Game day slot. Eg Thursday pm Strategy then Saturday Game Day. There are opportunities from Thursday to Saturday for you (if for some exceptional reason you need a different day, come see us) but manage yourself so you Maximise your performance & Minimise the toll on your body. This also goes for the WODs I program. Choose your intensity on these. You will not get "Fitter" or go up in the rankings by dominating Tuesday's WOD. But it can send you down the ladder. Be sensible. If unsure, see a Coach.
(3) Fuel; This might go in a different direction than you expect. Keep things simple. If you usually feel ok in past, now's not the time to be getting all Dr Frankenstine. Fuel is what the majority of your results depend on, however now is not the time to see if skulling your lates purchase of "Jacked!" just before a WOD actually will help your time, & that even goes for those magician like coconuts that seem to disappear from the fridge. if your unsure, see a Coach.
There's a common theme here Team,, each one pretty much finishes with "See a Coach" now if after reading this, there's more questions than answers,, GOOD. come & ask me. Nothing is too silly.


  1. Very helpful HC, in cooking at work i need to have my 'meson plus' (everything in place), If you prepare ahead, things will go a little bit more smoother. will defiantly try and get in a little bit earlier this fri morning for some helpful tips for this weeks WOD.

  2. Thanks Glenn, very helpful. - Amanda

  3. A couple of years ago, or maybe last year a couple of people tested positive in crossfit PED tests because of an energy drink 8-0 so be careful there.....

    Thanks for this post.