Tuesday, March 6, 2012



  1. Push Press: 80, 90, 95

    WOD: 3 rounds
    First 2 rounds - HSPU with 2 Abmats. 3rd round strict press with 45lb dumbells.

    Only 2 lab rats in the house this morning.

  2. dunno what happened with the push press..i must have been in slow motion coz i ran out of time and didn't realise.

    so 32kg for 5, and 37kg for the 3, bummed i didn't get to 1 coz it would have been a pr for sure, it's been so long.

    WOD 4 rounds
    with massive all over the shop scaling.
    HSPU red band
    pullups red band
    ring dips yellow/red
    1 400m run sub for row
    and 1 row of 318m

  3. Strict Press for me today
    worked up to 60KG PB

    wod 3 rounds 18:12

    500m row averaged 2:07mins
    3 muscleups unbroken
    6 L sit Pullups unbroken
    12 ring dips 3,3,3,3

    Happy with this WOD and muscle ups under fatigue

    Adios Amigos

  4. That should read Split Jerk LOL not strict press :D

    1. Phew, Started to feel a little soft then

  5. push press 5-3-1-1

    would have liked a crack at 110kg but ran out of time

    wod 15.32rxd

    50 burpees for time 2.30
    i thought i did 50 yesterday in 1.59 but it must have only been 40.
    anyone who is crap at burpees too is welcome to join my club. it is called 'the im going to do 50 burpees everyday until im good at burpees club'

    1. no joke browney, its happening. 50 burpees for time. not sure what bench mark i have to meet yet but watch this space.

    2. 50 Burpees a day RFT. Not a very appealing, not fun, not satisfying, not technical, so why do I feel the urge the get down an burp?
      It's like that medicine Mum used to give you, tastes like shit, goes down hard, but you know it's gonna help.

  6. For short Dan TIGTD50BEUIGABClub !

    1. just having trouble with the pronunciation jen. haha

  7. Hey Dan if you want to get better then good at burpees check out the gymnasts WOD by Naka Athletics. Who would of thought there was technique to burpees. Not Peter Kelly that's for sure