Thursday, March 29, 2012

(A) Deadlift 1rm

(B) 21-15-9
Power Clean
Ring Rows
*Choose own weight for PC. Focus on touch & go.


  1. Back Squat: 140kgs

    WOD: 9.24 @ 63kgs

    For the past 2 weeks my strength has been fairly ordinary. No idea why.

  2. DL - 86kg new PB by 14kg since Jan/feb! FINALLY passed 1.5BW

    wOD scaled 20kg, feet on floor rows. Had to keep moving feet to make it easier. FAR OUT! It was hard.

    Decided on my goals... 10DU unbroken and 5 pull ups. Will practice every time I come in. 4 weeks.

  3. So excited about deadlifts this morning.. been feeling like i need to do them!!!Deadlift 1rm @ 106kg... felt happy with this in the end.. my old 1 rm was 110kg but i was coming off a strength cycle 7-8 months ago.. considering i havent done any strength stuff in a while i now feel confident i can smash the previous 110kg in a couple of weeks and get back to where i was.

    wod B: Far out fore arms are drilled!! 31kgs for power cleans all unbroken... man i was so rubbish at the rows though!!! need to work of those nasty things!

    then went to the pool and did 20m sprints every minute on the minute for 25 minutes.. HORRID!
    great days training :)

  4. push jerk 3x3 @ 95kg

    front squats 2 omem x 12 @ 90kg focused on speed and tech (not letting elbows drop, upright torso and not getting soft in the bottom)

    wod b @ 60kg 6.14
    broke on the set of 15. my biceps/forearms were gone and was pulling with the arms too much, which was good because it forced me to focus on the jump & shrug more in the remaining reps. so i am glad i used a bit of a challeging weight otherwise i would have just went through unbroken with bad form

  5. 3 Sets only on deadlifts. First @ 140kg with Mitch, JD & Beau. 2nd & 3rd Set with Gupp and Pietro. 180&201kg.

    Joined the 200 club tonight with the leader of the A-Team Brendan. Or have you been kicked out?


  6. So happy to be back training again after a forced break. My new PB for deadlift today is 66.5kg. Massive imporvement since my last recorded 1rm was 50kg. Yipee!!!!

  7. Still part of the A team Jody, just on the reserve bench. Aiming to back on the field soon. Good to see the club membership increasing