Wednesday, March 28, 2012

End of "CrossFit Open" BBQ

Just a short one Team. I have a Coaches perspective I'd like to share for you tomorrow. I appologise, time got away on me.
This Saturday at 10:30 all CFP Athletes are invited to the box for a Team photo & BBQ. Regardless if you competed or not, please feel free to come catch up.


  1. Poop! I can't make it to the BBQ :( Can you photoshop me into the picture????

    Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Opens - it takes COURAGE to line up against the best in the world. We attacked each workout with FEROCITY that was palpable! And I'm pretty sure that every one of us achieved something that we didn't think we could do during the Opens - and that is definitely something to have PRIDE in.

    And to top it off, we will have our very own super heroes Xena (aka Justine), Supergirl (aka Courts), Wonder Woman (aka Veronica) and Electra (aka Lynne) to cheer for at Regionals and Worlds!!! YOU GO GIRLS!!!

  2. I cant be there for the bbq or photo. Would have loved to be there. Will be there for 7am wod though.