Friday, March 30, 2012

(A) Power Snatch
In 12min find a Heavy single
THEN 65-75% of that
Perform a Triple OTM for 4 sets

(B) Run 800m
Recover 4min
5 DB Snatch (R)
1 Rope Climb
5 DB Snatch (L)
Recover 2min
Run 400m


  1. Got into CFP late tonight so i kept the theme of as little lifts as possible for the 1rm Snatch and as little time as well. Got a PB today at 76kg in 5mins. First at 43, 60, 76, 80(F)

    Run 800m-2:45
    Run 400m-1:40

  2. A) PS heavy single 30 kg. Same thing happened as the other day, as it got heavier I lost trust in my technique. Sigh. Did some lifts that felt good in the OTM bit. V pointed out the pull under the bar is lacking.

    B) 800m 4:05
    WOD 3:20
    400m about 2min? Had to do a final sprint to not get beaten by someone who started the run about a min after me :-/ eeeek! Didn't know I had that extra in me....interesting experience.