Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reebok CrossFit Open

The Open is all done & the Girls from CFP have proved their metal once again. Justine in 40th, Courtney in 47th & Veronica in 55th place. All 3 have earned the right to progress to Regional's on May 18-20 at WIN Stadium Wollongong. Lynne qualified for the Masters 45-49 for the second year in a row & will go straight to The Games in Carson Los Angeles July 13-15. I can remember each of these girls first sessions. I was the dealer handing out this packet of fun to these unsuspecting girls in a globo gym & the rest is history as they say.
Some things are a little different these days as individuals come to us for a taste but what remains the same is, I can remember most peoples first session & the buzz I get seeing individuals progress.

I have reflected many times since the cut off for the last workout & a thing that keeps popping up is the diversity of our Team. Too many individuals to mention everyone but we had such a great turnout. There wouldn't be a Coach out there who wouldn't love to Coach/Prepare a Games Podium Athlete but I honestly believe it wouldn't give me the same buzz that I got through this Open. The journey for each of you was different. All of you had different reasons & were driven by different forms of motivation. I really feel fortunate that I could be a link in the chain of your Athletic journey.

They say the greatest compliment someone can give is to recommend/introduce, well we have so many people that started at CFP via a friend or family member.
Thank You


  1. yes i agree browny ! no thank you was a great open for the experience and there was a completely different , exciting vibe on the thursday night after the workout was announced .it was hard yet so much fun !

  2. congratulaions girls!!good luck at regionals.

  3. Thanks Glenn for all of your support and encouragement :) I never realised there was so much strategy and analysis involved in every single wod!!! So thanks for getting me to think dif about every workout and how best to approach etc. When you told me you were driving in a 100 year flood on a sunday morning from kurrajong to penrith via lithgow disco so we could do 12.2 I did think it seemed a little bit mad at the time... I remember saying "what if u cant get home though" and you said "I'll just sleep at the box if i have to" LOL but it also made me realise how committed you are as a coach. Thanks Glenn :)I look forward to continuing my journey with you at CFP :)

  4. Glenn boss friend thanks always

  5. Yes Glenn. Thank you so much. Thank you for your patience with my late Saturday mornings....sorry.... And that WOD where you walked me through for like 30 min first and had everything just right, I really really appreciated it. I'm nowhere near the elite level of some of the guys at CFP, but I felt like my effort was still valued and "worthy" of help to do my best. And I did way better than I even considered I could.
    Congratulations to all the women moving on to the next level. That is amazing! A real achievement.