Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(A) Back Squat 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90%
Games Athletes- Front Squat use the 70% weight & perform MAX reps 1 set

(B) Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes
5x Deadlift 120/90
10 TTB
15x push press 43/30


  1. Worked on current 1 rm of 140. Not prev of 155.

    3 @ 93
    3 @ 103
    10 @ 113

    So the rumor has it - 6 + 9 Rx'd

    Definitely felt ordinary after the Easter break today

  2. 5+5 R'xd today. I think. I marked down, with a texta after everytime i finished the push press and then added them up at the end. I had enough fingers on 1 hand for my rounds and enough on the over for the left overs. In my head i thought i had done more, i thought i had done at least 10 rounds. So the 5+5 is now invalid
    10 Rounds R'xd.

  3. back squat 109,124,139x8

    wod 8+1 used 120kg dl, ttr, 45lb db push press
    but working on the current theme 8+1 = 9rounds rxd, although i used two dumbells so double the amount of reps for the push press and if my calculations are correct... 14 rounds rxd! hahahaha

    50 burpees for time 2.22... its getting quicker!