Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(A) Back Squat 5@75% 3&85% 1+@95%

(B) 3rnds run "Unbroken Helen"
400m Run
21 KB Swings
12 Pullups
*Go as heavy as possible with unbroken reps


  1. 5 x 59.5kg
    3 x 67.5kg
    6 x 75kg

    Unbroken Helen 12:57
    weighted run
    24kg KB
    kipping chin to bar pullups

  2. Back Squat: 92kgs, 102kgs, 122kgs(6)

    WOD - Rx'd
    1 minute rest between rounds
    32kg KB
    18kg power bag
    C2B pull ups

    Rd 1: 3.40
    Rd 2: 4.45
    Rd 3: 6.00

    Total Time: 15.45 Rx'd including rests

  3. power snatch 2,2,2,2,2

    wasn't feeling very jumpy today

    wod 12.43
    500m row
    32kg kb

    rushed into the last set of pull ups and failed. had to rest then do again.

    tabata hollow rocks... horrible experience

  4. Sorry Brendan i must have forgot to explain the focus of consistent rounds at 6am. Glenn forwarded me the game plan so i will stick my hand up and say i had a shocker. It's a good thing he runs the majority of the earlys.

    Had a session of lifting with Xena at 11 and we squated after. Last set 130(3)

    WOD tonight with Night Owls. Training with the tues, thurs crew is like being back at footy training with the guys, but better. There is women. Tough women, women that have outlasted the "tough" men.

  5. AM:
    Ran with HC's PT client James, ran 800m 3.20min, then rowed 500m 1.54min, and ran 800m 3.28 and then Tabata row, total distance was 813m. I may not look it at the time, but love my running sessions with 'the fruit'.

    PM: Did Squats with Amanda today.

    5 @ 60kg
    3 @ 67kg
    17.5 @ 75kg

    WOD: 13.59 with a 20kg KB.

  6. Squats:

    WOD: 17:08
    400m run 29kg
    KB swings 32kg

    - all unbroken except first Rnd.